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HARMAN International, Bucharest, Romania
November 2019 - Present
Software Integration Engineer
Responsibilities :
Build deliveries from contributing parties based on the existing Release Plan
Build tests under Smoke test for each software baseline delivery
Final flash for updating baseline software on specific target device (E.C.U)
Telematic Unit Tool software flashing on each new software containers release
Smoke Testing on specific local scripts and Smoke Test Report with tests results to
final client
Technologies used:
TeraTerm Consoles for monitoring states of target device E.C.U during software flashing
ET Framework and HARMAN Eco ignition tools for sending messaging frames to
ECU in order to wake up and configure the device.
MobaXterm and WinSCP tools for setup or data transfer between target ECU device
and Linux/Windows PC Machines
Ax8 Softcore and SPI Flasher tools in order to modify Auto Boot Loader(ABL)-boot
release when is required
Ax8 Softcore and Renesas Flashing Programmer(RFP) for software final flash of
each new updated software baseline
Docker Client for creating software containers via Yocto Virtual Linux Machines for
each new software release
Test Run Scripting during Smoke test
DLT log viewer for ECU monitoring states under software flashing or smoke test
Scripts maintenance and automation improvement using Python programming
Hardware dependencies:
Test bench for ECU testing
Screen Display needed for UI tests
Bench Power supply
Signal Splitter Antenna
Gain radio DAB&AM/FM antenna
TV signal generator
MMB board with UART connector used for : ECU monitoring states, antitheft unlocking
CSB/VCPU Firmware Hub Emulator board with UART connector used for BIOS
software reflashing or going ECU to emergency state for different procedures

AKKA ROMSERV, Bucharest, Romania
October 2016 - November 2019
Software System Engineer Multimedia Systems
Company industry: Automotive
- testing / Validation SW by validation plans concerning Radio Navigation
- creating informative notes and issues reporting by hierarchical superiors
- tracking and solving for encountered issues in the database (JIRA)
- test plans validation for different types of functions
- manual Testing / Validation plans concerning multimedia compatibility
based on testing techniques such as:
Non-Functional Black Box Testing or Non-Regression for Multimedia Systems
Technologies used: CANalyzer, DDT2000, MCAT

AKKA Romserv, Bucharest, Romania
July 2014 - October 2016
SIV (Integration /Validation Specialist) Engineer
Company industry: Automotive
-- maintaining Flow and MID SW Coherencies – errors corrections and awarding
proposals to RF (Functions Responsible)
-flow coherence debugging using EMSET tool, concerning the resolution of the
issues/problems of
software release;
- ensure & checking that all the variables consumed/produced in the soft are
produced well in the software.
-creating and updating of set of specifications by revision history:
issue corrections (MATLAB /Simulink blocks & libraries corrections)
Technologies used: EMSET, MATLAB /Simulink, Excel VBA, C++

RCS-RDS, Bucharest, Romania
September2009 - July 2014
Telecommunications Equipment Engineer
Job domain: Telecommunication
-service, maintenance and calibration of RF signals for communications
equipment (broadband UHF /VHF)
-voice interface as specific software
-configure and re-flashing devices such as: routers, switches,
(CATV/VOIP/DATA/Optical fiber) devices
Technologies used: Linux Ubuntu, Putty /Minicom)
Measurements tools: Multimeter, Signal Generator, Soldering stations


Git, Linux, Machine Learning, MySQL, NumPy, Pandas, Selenium, TensorFlow, Test-Driven Development

Joined: Sept. 11, 2020