Sergei Shliakhtin

Machine Learning / Python / C++ Senior Software engineer

St.Petersburg, Russian Federation


ML from Jan 2017. Completed Andrew Ng's "Machine Learning" online course.
Python from Dec 2015
Self-employed from March 2016
Previously, 10+ years corporate experience (mostly C++)


English, Russian

Favorite Python Packages:

itertools subprocess pickle re tensorflow scrapy numpy multiprocessing logging


January 2017 — till
(6 months)
Company: working as freelancer (
Technologies: Python 3.0, TensorFlow, sklearn, numpy, Octave/MATLAB, pyqtgraph

1 Developed Cycle Time prediction system for (gets wafer batch parameters in online
mode, predicts processing time)
2 Accomplished Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Standford University online course

December 2015 —
December 2016
(1 year 1 month)
Company: working as freelancer (
Technologies: Python 3.0. Python 2.7, Scrapy, Django, Celery, RAbbitMQ, HTTP/CSS, XSLT, XML,
regex, youtube-dl, ffmpeg, livestreamer, Selenium, GIT, Firebug

Activities: working on both corporate and private customers (english-speaking only). Full project
lifecycle from task formulation to post-release support.
Python design and development. Web scraping. Scrapy framework development. Server-side

Major tasks accomplished:
-Multiprocessed HTTP proxy server;
-Scrapy-based crawlers able to extract and download large arrays data including videos; Video
-Automated scraping system, collecting people's employement information, storing changes in
PostgreSQL DB, showing in Django frontend

March 2015 —
February 2016
Company: Interactive Brokers, Saint Petersburg,
Senior Software Engineer C++ (Linux)
Technologies: C++, OOD, STL, CVS, bash, make, XML, vim

March 2013 —
March 2015
Company: RIO Design Office, Saint Petersburg,
Senior Software Engineer C++ (Linux)
Technologies: C++, OOD, Qt, STL, GIT, bash, qmake, squish, SQL, XML, multithreading, RegExp

August 2012 —
February 2013
Company: Transas Marine Technologies Saint Petersburg,
Software Developer, C++ (Linux, embedded)
Techonologies: C++, Qt, STL, GIT, bash, buildroot

September 2006 —
October 2011
Company: Geolink-Systems (Applied Materials) Saint Petersburg,
Software Developer, С#/C++ (Windows)
Techologies: C#, C++, STL, .NET, MS Visual Studio, WinForms, ANTS profiler

August 2004 —
September 2005
Software Developer, C++ (Windows)
Company: PROMT Translation Systems Saint Petersburg,
Technologies: C++, STL, Visual Basic, MFC, Win32, COM, ASP, RegExp

Joined: May 31, 2017

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