Charles Vilenczi

Data Scientist, IT Architect, Consultant at Freelancer

Budapest, Hungary


I help my clients make better data driven decisions. This sounds simple, but in my experience to achieve this it is very important to ask the right questions, formulate answers that can be measured, tested and then build data science pipelines which deliver the results.
To do this one has to wear multiple hats. That is, a combination of a project manager, a consultant a web developer, a DevOps engineer, a statistician and a DB specialist is needed in one person.
That's what makes this job really interesting and a never ending learning experience.

I love python and graph databases (e.g. neo4j, Janus Graph, Arango DB, Orient DB, etc.). I worked a lot with flask and its modules but I am interested in sanic, tornado, Django, OpenERP as well.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to help.


Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Slovak

Favorite Python Packages:

Flask, Box, flask-restful, collection, intertools, pprint, plotly, dash, py2neo, pymongo, pandas, jupyter, re, sqlalchemy, marshmallow, etc....


Backend Development, Celery, Data Science, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Elasticsearch, Flask, Fullstack Development, Kafka, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Pandas, PostgreSQL, REST, Redis, SQLAlchemy, Selenium, Spark, Tornado, jQuery

Joined: Oct. 18, 2020