Dean McClure

Data Scientist

Chicago, United States


Curious data scientist proficient in anomaly detection, analysis and machine learning.

I have over six years of experience in accounting, which allowed me to develop data wrangling, planning, compliance and descriptive analytics skills. I have a strong interest in nonprofits and impactful missions.

My ideal day: telling stories with data, visually collaborating with team members, then sharing results to ensure policies and services are working as intended. My interests include analysis, political science, finance, census data, and ethical AI.

📀 Python, Pandas, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Platform, Excel/VBA/macros, Tableau, Azure, Keras,


Italian, Spanish


Amazon Web Services, Big Data, Data Science, Git, Google Cloud Platform, Keras, Machine Learning, Matplotlib, Microsoft Azure, NumPy, Pandas, PostgreSQL, SQL, TensorFlow

Joined: March 2021