Sayan Mukhopadhyay

Machine Learning | Product Development | Solution Architecture

Kanchrapara, India


Multifaceted technical career with 13-year track record of innovation and success in corporate settings


Bengali, English, Hindi

Favorite Python Packages:

1. pandas 2. tensorflow 3. textblob 4. falcon 5. statsmodel 6. flask 7. beautifulsoup 8. concurrent.future 9. gcloud 10. pymongo 11. opencv 12. numpy


Sulvo, Remote working

Head - Machine Learning & Infrastructure, 11/2016 – Present

Tools: AWS, Node Js, python, tensorflow, Google cloud platform, falcon, redis, mongo, sqlite, RNN based predictor

Building from scratch a real time deep learning based patent pending algorithmic strategy manager to maximize site revenue for online advertisement platform Sulvo selected for Google start up mentoring program.

SOS Corporation, Kolkata

Head – Data Science & Analytics, 03/2017 – Present

Building IOT Analytics products in health care and agro domain, also working for one of the oldest and largest algorithmic trading organization in India.

Abzooba, Kolkata, India

Manager – Data Science, 6/2015 – 11/2016

Tools: Java, Play, Mongo, Python, Neo4j, Angularjs, Stanford NLP, Beautiful Soap, tensorflow, mem2n,

Promoted to the role of Data Science Manager and Project Lead for key client accounts. Lead a team of seven staff members to deliver sophisticated projects within budget and ahead of schedule. Direct the entire project lifecycle from the initial design and planning phases, through to progress / risk monitoring and implementation. Core member of the leadership team, providing strategic input to assist CXO's in critical decision making.

Key Projects:

  • Successfully designed analytic solutions (GUI to ML model) within a specified client framework in addition to establishing a credit score model using social media data.
  • Designed and implemented optimal systems, such as dialog, security, auto-complete and feedback modules for retail e-commerce operations and a Topical Crawler for web harvesting.
  • Developed and deployed a Health Insurance Claim Status prediction System via HIPAA 835 & 837 data as well as vendor selection and price optimisation systems utilising transactional data.
  • Played a lead role in a sentiment analysis project focused on brand development as well as a Neural Network based Predictor for passenger loads for two clients in the aviation sector.
  • Delivered a solution to address data errors for a leading electronics manufacturer / distributer, via the parallel implementation of KMean clustering using Needleman Wounch sequence matching score.
  • Established an AMQ framework that recorded corresponding error numbers in the Common Application Logger based on errors related to SQL.
  • Developed a remove range method in Vector class for the PayPal developer community and applied swig generate python / java interface of admin-auth module to cache authentication data in a local server.
  • Delivered an application support project involving the modification and enhancement of a trading time risk analysis tool which greatly improved risk management and control.
  • Successfully designed and implemented a distributed, divide and conquer Real-time Log-file Parsing Framework for use in high-frequency trading activities.

TCG Digital, Kolkata, India

Tools: Python, Java, Mahout, Hadoop, Hive, Elastic Search, Kibana, Sentiment Analysis, Neural Network Predictor

Data Scientist / Sr. Consultant - Analytics & Bigdata, 7/2014 – 6/2015

Critical role, applying data science methods, processes and systems to troubleshoot analytics and complex bigdata issues for diverse clients. Built positive client relationships, with direct involvement in pre-sales activities.

Key Projects:

Mphasis (HP Group), Pune, India

Technical Architect – Transaction Monitoring System, 10/2013 – 7/2014

Tools: Nagios, Cacti, Ninja, Merlin, Lucierna, Combodo-itop, Jasper-Report, Sumologic, Event correlation, Topology Auto-discovery

Fully accountable for the build, development and deployment of a complex transaction monitoring system based on available open source stack. Provided optimal service to nine key clients, including Coca Cola, Verion and RPG. Performed requirements gathering and feasibility analysis, then developed robust project plans and roadmaps. Managed, motivated and coached the technical team, with 12 members, to achieve all objectives.

Key Projects:

  • Designed and implemented enhanced system architecture, including a framework for Nagios Active Checks, recursive approval method for change management in ITSM and integration of netflow and Nagios core via netflow collector and Nagios check plug-in. Swiftly identified / fixed bugs, such as a data miss issue of cacti with 'polar table in not empty' exception.

ABP Group, Kolkata, India

Lead Architect - Data Mining, 5/2013 – 8/2013

Tools: Bass Model, Collaborative filtering, Mechanism design, MySql, PHP, Java, Python

Lead Architect, tasked with creating a revenue model using a stochastic Bass model of user growth / influence. Formulated architecture to support a recommender system and design mechanism incorporating collaborative filtering and linear programming. Effectively managed two direct reports; Data Scientist and Data Engineer.

Pubmatic, Pune, India

Senior Technical Analyst - Machine Learning, 10/2013 – 7/2014

Tools: Java, Perl, Shell, Python, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Storm, MySql

Applied predictive approximation techniques for big data queries to enhance the Hadoop platform in addition to designing and deploying a new estimation and prediction framework for query handling. Conducted R&D, established a unit testing framework and applied Agile methodologies to ensure seamless project execution.

CA Technology, Hyderabad, India

Senior Software Engineer - Network Management System / Data Centre Operations, 9/2011 – 4/2012

Tools: C++, Java, Perl, SNMP, Barclay DB, Gmake, Tomcat, Rest-Ful Web Service, RTC

Vital role as senior member of the Spectrum Backlog Reduction team, tasked with the development, maintenance and support of a large-scale, complex data centre operation domain. Performed bug fixing, code reviews and testing, then designed and deployed features to enhance performance, quality and security standards. Delivered 2nd Level support to clients and mentored junior members of the team.

Key Projects:

  • Successfully implemented numerous product features, such as an ignore character case in seek command enabling users to find a model handler with given condition. Swiftly resolved complex bugs, including a GUI fault due to race condition between front end thread for servlet request and backend thread of server response.

FairFest Media Limited, Kolkata, India

Technical Manager - Patent Analysis / Loyalty Reward Program, 11/2010 – 9/2011

Tools: ASP/C# .net, Nhibernate, WCF, C++, Python, Poco, NVP/SOAP/Rest, AJAX

Conducted patent analysis, marketing and development activities within the poverty, environment and security areas. Acted as a focal point of contact on technical issues and mentored the 14 members of the project team.

PayPal, Chennai, India

Senior Consultant - Application Development, 3/2010 – 11/2010

Tools: Apache, Red-hat Linux, C++, Swig, Python, Java, ClearCase, Active MQ

Strategically managed and developed core payment technology, including the optimisation of system architecture, framework and functionality. Oversaw code review, debugging, profiling and unit testing activities, with four direct reports. Promoted an environment of continual improvement and best practice.

Key Projects:

Credit-Suisse, Pune, India

Technical Consultant - Investment Banking, Risk Analysis, Data Centre Operations, 6/2008 – 2/2010

Tools: C++, C# .net, Perl, Shell, Python, Oracle, Sybase, Linux, Solaris, Tibco-EMS

Multifaceted role, providing technical consultancy across risk analysis, algorithmic trading and infrastructure development as well as acting as Rapid Application Developer for high-frequency trading.

Key Projects:

Prior experience as Software Engineer (1/2000-12/2003) in Total Computer System for different academic clients.

Technical Proficiencies


C++, Core Java (6.0), C# .net(3.5), Shell, Python, SQL, Node-Angular, Android, UML 2.0


Socket, IPC, RPC, ACE, Poco, HTTP, REST, SOAP, Play, Flask, WCF, Unix (GDB, Gprof, Makefile), HPC (MPI, Open MP, POSSIX, CUDA), Selenium, Active-MQ, Tibco-EMS, Zero-MQ, git, svn


Matlab, R, Octave, Oracle, Sybase, Mysql, Sqlite, Elastic Search, MongoDB, neo4j, Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hive, Mahoot, Storm, Spark, Gemfire, MS BI, Pentaho, D3, C3, Google Visualization API, Map API, Kibana, SAS Certified Base Programmer, SAS


Linux, Windows, Solaris, AWS, Virtual Box, Router, Switch, SevOne, Nikson, Corvil, Ganglia, Spectrum, E-Health, Nagios, Cacti, Lucierna, Asterisknow, socat


NMAP, SearchSploit, SQLMap, BurpSuite, armitage, Kali Linux

Education and Credentials

MS by Research in Computational & Data Science, IISc, Bangalore, India

BE in Electronics & Instrumentation, Jadavpur University, India, CSIR Fellow in Energy Research

Publications: Utility of variance of difference as a distance like measure in synchronous time series microarray data clustering, Sayan Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Debnath Pal, BMC Bioinformatics (submitted)

Fully parallelizable algorithm for molecular dynamics of protein’s soft docking simulation, Sayan Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Debnath Pal, Journal of Computational Biology (submitted)

Practical Data Analytics using Python, Apress(Springer), Sayan Mukhopadhyay (single author) (will publish in November 2017)


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, Elasticsearch, Git, Google Cloud Platform, Hadoop, Linux, Machine Learning, MongoDB, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, Redis, Selenium, Spark, Visualization

Joined: Oct. 11, 2017

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