Stephen Odara

Intermediate skill level django python developer

Kigali, Rwanda


Multiple dockerized microservices in Django; including a GIS application tracking trends in the sale of land and property valuations to help in predicting property values, payment gateway to enable processing and management of payments for multiple services integrated with Mobile Money, membership applications for client associations to manage and regulate their members and applications to enforce standards and reduce fraud in the practise of the associations (for a government mandated institution for the control of the Engineering Profession in Rwanda) among others.



Favorite Python Packages:

Django, Django Rest Framework, Django Viewflow


1. Software Developer: Dale Technologies Ltd

A. Membership System: Django, viewflow (django), and materialize, docker, JQuery, Celery, Redis, Rest Framework.

Allows associations to track their members, enforce compliance with association rules. Track members, provide profile page for each member. Have ID

>>> Built from a design of a senior developer

B. Permits: Django, django-viewflow, materialize, docker, Celery, Redis, Rest Framework, JQuery, Postgresql,

Allows validation of collaboration between engineers for a given construction through a centralized system.

>>> Build in collaboration with another developer.

C. Payments Gateway: Django, Restframework. Celery, Redis, Docker, Postgresql.

Initiates payment through an external API to clients through mobile money and other payment methods. Allows centralized monitoring for different services maintained by the organization. Also acts as a single portal for all internal services to access external payment gateways.

>>> Designed and build

D. Carousel: Django, Restframework, Celery, Redis, Docker, Rest framework, Postgresql.

Allows distribution of jobs received between different clients based on the tickets they have and where they


>>> Designed and built with collaboration from another developer.

E. Property Valuations: Django, Bokeh, GIS, Celery, Redis, Docker, JQuery, Scipy, pandas, numpy, Postgresql, Bootstrap.

Allows estimation of property values by allowing comparison of other properties similar to it. Extensive and mandatory use of Celery and Redis to collect data froma different servers. Involved significant GIS work, significant presentation.

>>> Co designed and build.

B. A Partner In Education: ICT Manager

- Recommend hardware and software for usage.

- Analyze data for the organization.

- Help in training organizations for the school.

- Maintain school website (mostly updating data).

B. Personal

1. Task queing system: Django, bootstrap, postgresql.

Allows tasks to float freely in order of priority according to most urgent(Still under development). but available from

C. School Experience (Carnegie Mellon University)

1. Detecting Malnutrition, C++, Microsoft Kinect.

Image processing to allow detection and classification of malnutrition

>> Done in collaboration with other students

2. Classification of birds using bird vocalizations: Java, Android.

Classify a bird according to the sound made.

>>> Done in collaboration with other students.

3. Search Engine: Java

Indexing and searching the contents of Involved and requirement significant knowledge of and display of data structures.

>>> Done in collaboration with other students.


Experience with Excel, VBA, Github.


Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Git, Linux, Redis, Virtualenv, uWSGI

Joined: February 2019