Christopher Jarvis

Please, call me Jarvis!

Huntington Beach, United States


I am always inquisitive. I enjoy tackling challenging problems and expanding my knowledge base. Everyday is a new puzzle whether its finding solutions to large bugs, developing new features, or just tackling small fixes. I've been working in film, tv, games, photography, and development for a number of years, and I haven't worked a day yet!

Favorite phrase:
-"Why doesn't it work... why does it work?"



Favorite Python Packages:

subprocess, re


Software Developer / Technical Director

CoSA VFX – North Hollywood, CA 10/2017 – Present

Technical support and web based tool development. Creating a supervised machine learning scheduling system to forecast manpower, evenly distribute cross studio workload and report variances. Converted tools to use celery and manage task queue. Maintainer of out studio wide task queue. Document, maintain, and optimize existing tools both web and qt based. Solve various problems.

Lead Shotgun Developer II

Turn10 Studios/ Microsoft – Redmond, WA 6/2016 – 11/2017

Developing tools and plugins for Shotgun. Created a REST framework to connect multiple SQlite and CRM databases. Design applications to handle Shotgun’s reporting, actions & automation. Design a workflow for artists and departments. Troubleshoot errors & bugs. Writing SQL queries. Participate in code review.


Digital Symphony– Santa Monica, CA 4/2016 – 4/2016

Compositing & Matte Creation

Nuke TD

Origin Digital Studios– Burbank, CA 10/2015 – 2/2016

Scripting, Creating GUIs for existing tools as well as my own, furthering our pipeline organization and shotgun integration. Fixing problematic comp files, installing software, managing licenses, compositing, camera tracking, some FX and MEL, Documenting and improving existing modules as well as writing my own.

CGI Generalist

TRG Reality– Cleveland, OH 2/2013 – 9/2015

Editing, Motion graphics, Compositing, Scripting and automation, CGI for print and video (lighting, modeling, texturing, rendering)


Image Flux– Santa Monica, CA 4/2015 – 5/2015

Compositing and rotoscoping


Bent Image Lab– Portland, OR 12/2011 – 5/2012

Compositing CG characters and morphing them between live action. Clean-plating, painting out tracking markers, and any prep work that the shots needed. Matching creature style frames for the client.

Compositing Trainee

Realtime Technologies AG– Munich, Bavaria Germany 6/2011 – 12/2011

Color Correction based on product brochures. Creating 2D effects highlighting car or product features in animations. Compositing full CG vehicles and environments. Painting cubic map seems for 360 turnarounds for the web. Environment creation using card systems for commercials and print. Collaborate with art directors and project managers to achieve the look and feel of shots.

Roto Artist/ Stereographic Compositor

IE Effects– Culver City, CA 3/2011 – 5/2011

Compositing layers to create depth for shots. Rotoscoping for layers. Creating scripts to help increase productivity and facilitate artists.


Backend Development, Celery, Flask, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, PyQt, PySide, RabbitMQ, Virtualenv, Visualization, Vue.js, Web Development, jQuery

Joined: Sept. 7, 2019