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Finnsnes, Norway


I start to learn python from two and half years a go, i can say i have a good grasp of python core. i have a good understanding of pygame, gui programming, socket programming, worked a lot with turtle and i can say i wrote nice animate games with it and pushed it to its limits. still im learning every day and i hope i can work in professional environment and learn more from experts and any one who can teach me more. beside python im familiar with HTML, CSS because my goal is to become web developer with Django.


English, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian

Favorite Python Packages:

pygame, sucket, os, time, turtle, winsound,tkinter, django, sqlite and depending on the task i can learn enough of any package to get the job done, still learning Django.


I have a long background working with computers. I have experience as a hardware technician, desktop support and IT consultant, but mostly I have worked in hardware assembling, upgrade, troubleshooting lines and so on, For job requirements I have enough theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the IT fieldand i have a good understanding of LInux based operating systems and os in general (beside mac).


Django, Linux

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