Philip De Lorenzo

DevOps\Automation Engineer

Lake Oswego, United States


Senior DevOps Engineer with 15+ years’ experience in Linux/Unix/Windows background including Solaris and AIX; Oracle, DB2, MSSQL and MySQL at the database layer; Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere and WebLogic at the application layer.



Favorite Python Packages:

os, platform, sys, pyyaml, json, requests, django, flask, jinja2, pytest, pyscaffold, pipenv


THOMSON REUTERS Jan 2012-Jul 2019

Lead DevOps Engineer Jan 2015-Jul 2019

  • Automated Linux administration processes system installation, package and software management and installation (RedHat and Oracle Linux).
  • Automated numerous flavors of Linux installation processes (includes Ubuntu/Debian based (PureStorage), and Fedora based Linux Kernels) utilizing both yum and apt tooling.
  • Wrote the entire API wrapper module for GoCD communication with RunDeck directly.
  • Wrote tools and functions sourced at login that made commands available to users for deploying Tomcat, and JBoss without prior knowledge or experience.
  • Migrated Oracle database to Postgres in AWS.
  • Wrote and augmented existing Ansible code to deploy system environments (packages, product/build deployments, application servers, etc.).
  • Help facilitate the ability for developers to begin deploying in AWS, utilizing EC2 instances and S3 buckets.
  • Managed over 150 virtual servers with multiple flavors of operating systems, interpreters, databases, and application server matrixes utilizing VMWare’s VCenter, OpenStack and AWS.
  • Managed ISO’s and other shared networking, and storage resources in VCenter.
  • Set up monitoring on system resources utilizing CheckMK(Nagios).
  • Managed all Linux (RedHat, Oracle Linux) servers, automated package management utilizing Shell and Python programming.
  • Managed Solaris and AIX machine (both internal PowerPC architecture, Sparc and x86 hardware platforms).
  • Managed, internal tooling via CMDB (MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Django, Flask), interfacing utilizing Python and the sqlalchemy module.
  • Managed Windows packages (Chocolatey) to ensure that platforms were up-to-date with correct package versions.
  • Wrote a QA platform design (R&D) utilizing Docker containers for creating a modular automated test suite.
  • Designed and implemented methods of automated deployments of Thomson Reuters OneSource Determination, Reporting, TCMC, DFI: Utilizing Bash, Python, SQL and multiple data structures for integrating properties into WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss and Tomcat to automatically augment configurations on the application servers.
  • Wrote the product installation testing infrastructure using Python, including interfacing directly with the Oracle Database (cx_Oracle) to pull product information for comparison.
  • Wrote DDLs, to ensure that the configuration of the product could be reverted by the Development and QA teams via GoCD/Jenkins Pipeline.
  • Designed strategic plan for development\deployment practices to support current\future projects.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting UNIX and Windows processing issues (performance) to increase efficiency.
  • Leadership on team to redesign the company’s development platform from traditional development models to a newer DevOps platform.
  • Lead DevOps and QA teams on technical matters.

DevOps and Lead QA Engineer Jan 2012- Jan 2015

  • Wrote the deployment automation process code in SHELL, to augment Tomcat XML Data Sources.
  • Wrote the deployment code to interface with Bamboo, scraping the pages for needed information to build the URL dynamically where the latest artifact could be found, pull it down, and deploy the product to the Tomcat instance, and manage the Tomcat instance itself (Init/shutdown code, temp management, work directory management, etc.).
  • Installed and configured platform matrix stacks for development and QA teams.

o DB – Oracle 10+, MSSQL Server 2003+, DB2 9+

o APP – Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere and WebLogic.

o OS – Linux (Redhat4+, Oracle Linux6+), Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, Solaris 10-11, and IBM AIX 6-7.

  • Provided support for all QA Engineers and Analysts, internal tooling (PHP, MySQL).
  • Managed and maintained QA team’s databases (database backup schedules via backup or dump files (.dmp (scripted)); Oracle, MSSQL and DB2.
  • Maintained mission critical servers and services (including Jenkins, Bamboo, Subversion, etc.).
  • Helped design and implement automated regression testing platform to be coupled with Jenkins.
  • Designed proof-of-concept processes utilizing Docker, Git, Python and GoCD.


IT Manager

  • Managed company’s data and network infrastructure, multiple training environments, and acted as a technical liaison between clients and the training environments.
  • Built SonicWALL point-to-point IPSEC VPN for site-to-site communication.
  • Worked directly with VMWare, MicroStrategy, Mentor Graphics, etc.
  • Built numerous domain structures for classes including, domain controllers, DHCP, DNS, user accounts, groups, group policies, SharePoint servers, and exchange servers. Includes configurations of the servers including MX records for working email accounts.
  • Implemented multiple cost-saving open source software solutions (Norton Ghost PXE machine imaging over TCP/IP networking protocols, CloneZilla/FOG).
  • Performed network planning, design and security.
  • Acquired and maintained SSL security for the domain, exchange email services, and company website.
  • Implemented and managed VoIP telephony system (Nextiva).
  • Researched and acquired extensive knowledge of many different software platforms; open source and proprietary.
  • Oversaw and facilitated numerous data migrations and upgrades including SQL Server and Exchange.

RAM ENTERPRISE Jul 2007- Jul 2008

Supervisor IT Services

  • Oversaw the installation, and implementation of two new company remote sites in Nevada and Arizona (low-voltage wiring included).
  • Oversaw and implemented company's IT infrastructure, bringing it from one office in Portland, Oregon to 5 offices spanning the west coast.
  • Implemented all company networked security and VoIP telephony systems (Altigen).
  • Managed AD Domain accounts, assets, etc. (DHCP, DNS, Sites).
  • Recommended network architectural, design, and integration solutions.
  • Reported directly to CFO.


Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Apache, DevOps, Django, Flask, MySQL, Nginx, Terraform

Joined: December 2019