Torben Feldthusen

Experienced Freelance Developer / Consultant

Copenhagen, Denmark


I make my living as a pentester and python malware developer to everyone from individuals to startups to established companies. I have a diploma in information technology from the Engineering College of Copenhagen. I've been in the industry for more than 10 years now and have worked in various work environments and team structures. I'm specializing in Python, PHP, SQL, CMS and WebSecurity. In addition to programming, I also have a passion for web security and ethical hacking.


Danish, English

Favorite Python Packages:

BeautifulSoup, SQLAlchemy, PyInstaller, coverage, flake8, Mock


My Open Source Software Projects


WebShellSearch on Sourceforge
Python toolkit searching for malicious webshells


PenSecscan on Python
PenSecscan, written in Python, search Wordpress for exploits

PenTest with grep

PenTest-w-grep, a script to perform pentest using UNIX grep on Github or Sourceforge

Android Anti Root Detection

Android Anti Root Detection on Sourceforge. AARD is a sandboxing app that performs root detection. Root detection is the best practice of Android security.


checkProxy on Github is a straightforward python script to check a proxy.


wirelessExploit on Github is a remote exploit written in python for the wipg devices.


Backend Development, Git, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Scrapy, Security, Web Scraping

Joined: May 27, 2017

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