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Junior Python Developer Ready to Dive In!

Oxnard, United States


I have been programming with Python for the last 9 months, mostly with Flask apps that incorporate a Postgres DB and integrated testing. A couple months ago I completed Thinkful's Python coding bootcamp which helped familiarize me with these subjects. Learning programming has been an amazing experience that continues to grow more challenging but also more rewarding each day.



Favorite Python Packages:

tkinter re requests nose2


Shipping Assistant, IMAX Corp., DKP 70MM Inc. Santa Monica, CA — 2010-2012

Although I was hired as a warehouse shipping assistant, the digital department often utilized me to assist in screenings, duplications and delivery of security keys to clients.

Digital Department Responsibilities:

  • Screen film and trailer content to ensure quality (masters and duplicates).
  • Deliver digital security key to clients to unlock content prior to release.
  • Contact clients to confirm facilities ingested (downloaded) content properly.
  • Duplicate master drives for release.
  • Manage HDD and thumb drive inventory.
Warehouse/Shipping Responsibilities:
  • Ship emergency replacement parts to theaters when a projector would malfunction. Often this would hold up a release so it was critical to get the part shipped out as fast as possible.
  • Pickup and deliver film canisters, prints and hard drives to and from film labs and post production facilities.
  • Package, QC and ship films (print and digital) for all IMAX releases.
  • Manage film print inventory.

Technical Support, Common Sense Industries Chatsworth, CA — 2012-present

My main role is technical support manager, handling customer calls and emails but I perform other tasks like making sales calls and configuring the office network. Since completing Thinkful's Python coding bootcamp I have been using my new Python skills to do some web scraping for the sales department.
  • Handle all customer emails, calls and respond to online reviews (eBay and Amazon).
  • Test high value returns to determine their status and if they can be restocked.
  • Create weekly Amazon shipments based on sales and remaining inventory at Amazon warehouse.
  • Test new products to confirm specifications and performance.
  • Configure workstations for new hires.
  • Diagnose connectivity issue when internet was down.
  • As necessary: assist shipping department, light graphics work, sales calls and attend trade shows.


Backend Development, Flask, Fullstack Development, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Selenium, Test-Driven Development, Virtualenv, jQuery

Joined: Feb. 13, 2017

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