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Machine Learning Engineer

We are seeking a Machine Learning Engineers at Chain of Demand, an AI-driven predictive analytics company that helps retailers and brands make smarter business decisions to become more profitable and sustainable. In this role, we are looking for talented and self-driven individuals to join a high-impact team at the core of Chain of Demand's mission to build the next generation AI product that will transform the retail industry. This is a highly challenging role that will require the implementation of state-of-the-art Machine learning (ML) and Deep learning algorithms to build a never-before-seen machine intelligence product. The role will involve building ML pipelines from scratch, architecting and implementing low latency systems at scale.

Below mentioned are the key responsibilities and qualifications for this role:

Key Responsibilities:
● Work with large data-sets and build a ML pipeline to process and train the data
● Run ML experiments scientifically and analyze the results
● Optimize ML solutions for performance and scale
● Deploy solutions into production and maintain several models for fast experiments
● Own a module end-to-end and show us your data skills
● Keep up-to-date with latest ML and deep learning literature to implement latest techniques into Chain of Demand platform

● Bachelors or Masters degree in CS/EE from IITs or other leading research institutes
● Strong working knowledge of machine learning/deep learning techniques and natural language processing
● 2+ years of Industry experience in ML solutions and pipelines
● 2+ years of programming experience in Python, shell scripting and C#.
● Hands-on experience Natural language and speech processing tools such as: NLTK, openNLP, coreNLP.
● Experience with machine learning and deep learning libraries such as: Scikit Learn, TensorFlow or PyTorch
● Experience with big data and distributed computing technologies such as: Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, and Storm

Desired Skills

How to Apply

Please send resume directly to Wendy Choi, Chief Operating Officer

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Posted: Nov. 2, 2020

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