Full stack Python / Django remote developer

SpineZone, a leading spine care company in California, is looking for engineers to join their growing team.

Our products are web-based and we are looking for a full stack developer that can handle the whole development cycle to ship new features and to do continued improvements and bug fixing in the current products.

Our current stack: - Python with Django in the backend - Sass, jQuery and HTML5 in the frontend - PostgreSQL - Hosted in AWS (using EC2, S3 and SES) - Fabric for deployment

Strong english communication skills are required. Experience with Python/Django is not an excluding requirement, but web development with a dynamically typed language is desired. All seniority levels are welcome.

Experience with the following will be valued: - Past involvement in a health related product - Data Science and reporting with PostgreSQL + Python + SciPy - HTML5 live video conference implementation (WebRTC)

Our two main products are an internal charting system used at 5 clinic locations in San Diego and a 100% online coached program to recover from back and neck pain (https://online.spinezone.com/).

The position is full time and remote, preferably in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where our current engineering team is located.

About "SpineZone"

Spinezone is a comprehensive, data driven, non-invasive back pain program that has helped thousands of chronic back pain patients get back to their lives with far lower rate of surgery, injection and cost. The system eliminates patient overtreatment with a multi-disciplinary team of caregivers under one roof and software to track the patient's recovery. Four large health institutions use SpineZone and have realized a 70% cost savings compared to traditional back pain programs, 46% reduction in patient pain levels and a 5x improvement in patient compliance since they are empowered to take control of their back. Developed by orthopedic surgeons, SpineZone is a complete, vertically-integrated system that medical groups use to reduce the cost of their back pain population, while improving patient satisfaction. The team includes surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists and spine rehabilitation specialists so that the appropriate level of care is available at the right time.

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If you are interested please contact jonathan@spinezone.com (subject: "Engineering Job") including your resume, GitHub page (if available) and expected hourly rate.

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Posted: Sept. 10, 2017

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