Computer Vision Engineer - Python/ CUDA/ Algorithm

Are you a Computer Vision enthusiast who wants to develop cutting-edge algorithms
and see them actually work and be used? As a Computer Vision Engineer you will have
a chance to design and develop all aspects of our perception stack, including object detection,
classification, tracking, and localization. 

The ideal candidate shall innovate and adapt a multidisciplinary approach to solve
problems in the intelligent training technologies.

-expert-level knowledge of Python and C++
-strong knowledge and practice in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
-familiarity with computer vision frameworks such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, CUDA
-experience with deep learning libraries such as PyTorch, Keras or Theano

-flexible working hours;
-career growth opportunity;
-enjoy a highly fulfilling, mission-driven culture
-possibility of working remotely.

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Posted: Nov. 2, 2020

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