Remote Senior Python Developer (Backend)

Reef Technologies is a fully remote Python software house.

It means you can work with us no matter where you live: from home, rented office or a beach in paradise.

You will have an opportunity to work on a stream of backend projects in agile environment.

Sounds fair and catchy? Great! Let us know that you would like to work with us.

We are not interested in partnership with recruitment agencies.

Currently we are looking for:

Senior Python Developer (Backend) [remote work]

Salary (B2B): 3200-4400 USD / Month (full time) or 22-30 USD / h (part time)

We require considerable experience with Python and ability to create high quality code. Also command of English in speech and writing (at least at B2 level) to communicate with the team freely are our must-haves.

We value your attitude towards communication skills, being honest, humble and respectful of others.

We offer:

  • CEO who is an active developer, cares about code quality and satisfied customers
  • support of developers with 8-16 years of experience, Buddy System to help you get started
  • flexible working hours in flexible location (you can work from home or desk funded by the company in a co-work close to you, or... from anywhere, really)
  • We use Sociocracy 3.0 system what means that every opinion or suggestion is taken into consideration, and you will have a say on what you will work on (we reject boring projects all the time)
  • TDD, DDD, pomodoro, slack, github, Skype, google suite, licenses, cloud servers, books, conferences, open source, tool-assisted code review (also tests and CI)

Some examples of our recent projects:

  • financial data warehouse which aggregates over 20 000 timeseries into a couple hundred charts for a fintech company from London
  • AI video content analyzer/searcher for drone pilots from Detroit, MI
  • two e-commerce applications for a customer from Washington, DC
  • bitcoin derivatives trading bot for a customer from Boston, MA
  • sales data analysis tool for a fintech company from Chicago, IL
  • hydrant certification report generator for Australian plumbers
  • paper product level tracker for toilet cleaners from Canada
  • revenue optimizer for large private GPU compute clusters in North America

Sounds interesting? Just apply :)

PS. You can find out more about us and our policy from Reef Technology Handbook and Clutch profile.

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Posted: Dec. 18, 2018

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