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A system with millions of devices needs to have a great backend. User data needs to be handled, the UI needs to be fed with up-to-date information and partners need to be integrated.

While we already have many backend components in C++, the more UI focused (micro-)services should be written in kick-ass Python.

Kaiwoo is looking for an experienced python developer who loves to Django, thinks (REST) API first and knows how to yield. Additionally, a good understanding of micro-services with some experience in database design is desirable. The position is based in Kaiwoo’s offices in central Hong Kong.

- Design the backend architecture and business logic from day one
- Co-author API designs
- Implement micro-service infrastructure, caching and 3rd party integrations with OAuth 2.0
- Maintain highest performance and non-blocking code

What we are looking for
- A Python guru, with experience in Django
- A hands-on coder with a passion for lean code and minimalistic architectures
- Excellent understanding of REST APIs, CORS & CRUD
- Able to identify and resolve issues and bugs
- The ideal candidate will be comfortable working with version control (git), sharing code with the other members of the dev team and being able to keep everything cleaned and updated


  • $24K – $40K
  • 0.1% – 0.7%

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Posted: Nov. 7, 2017

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