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HIRING REMOTE Sr. Python Django Engineer

As a full-time Senior Backend Engineer, you’ll have an opportunity to focus on development for multiple consumer-facing digital brands that interact with millions of people. You’ll be working with our global engineering team to help push the business forward in critical areas.

As a passionate, humble and self-motivated developer that sweats the small stuff, you'll have the ability to improve our growing products incrementally. This is an excellent position for someone who thrives working in creative environments. You should have experience hacking existing frameworks, and have no problem building your own.


  • At least 10,400 hours of hands-on experience with Python, Django, AWS, PostgreSQL, and testing
  • You recognize the importance of quality, tested code; You write tests and feel confident in doing so
  • You have documented, understandable and predictable code
  • Ability to self-start on projects with little direction while sticking to team deadlines
  • Extremely detail-oriented and precise in code, communication, and documentation
  • Pragmatic problem-solver, knowing how to find the middle ground between "perfect, but takes forever to code" and "fixes it now, but nobody will ever be able to understand what I did"

Extra points for:

  • BS/BA degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or related study area
  • Analytics and tracking platforms (Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Snowplow, email platforms)
  • Ad Serving Technology and Tags (Google Adsense, Adzerk)
  • Strong command-line skills

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Posted: Oct. 8, 2019

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