Backend Engineer

Voltus is looking for an experienced backend engineer to help us process and present the data from our growing network of smart meters. The thought of building out integrations with different components of the North American electric grid is exciting. You know how to write a beautiful API—and you know how to shim an ugly one. You will be responsible for building secure bridges from our (beautiful! modern!) internal systems to external systems that can only be viewed on IE8. Anyone can integrate to a webhook, but it takes a pro to ingest data over SCADA. Like all of your Voltus teammates, you are bright, gritty, and good.

## Key Responsibilities

- Develop the application and API layers for customer-facing and internal tools to process our ever-growing pile of electricity demand data and market intelligence
- Help build the outermost layer of the Voltus network, interfacing to a wide variety of electric industry partners
- Build creative shims to legacy systems—everyone loves a clean API, but not everyone can scrape an ActiveX application from 1997
- Build out the systems that to connect sensor data to internal and customer-facing tools and applications
- Process, clean, validate, and present data from sensor to customer dashboard in real-time (no sweat!)

## Technologies we use:
- Python, Javascript, Go, Lua
- Postgres, Redis, S3, Kafka, InfluxDB
- AWS, Docker
- React, Flask, Scrapy
- Pandas, NumPy


  • $90K – $120K
  • 0.1% – 0.25%

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Posted: June 17, 2018

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