Python Course Instructor

*Please note that this is a part-time, contract position.

The days of learning data science by passively consuming video lectures are over. Real learning takes place when a student’s hands are on the keyboard, writing code, working with data, and solving problems. If you agree, keep reading!


DataCamp is building the future of data science education. Our students get real hands-on experience by completing self-paced, interactive data science courses from the best instructors in the world, right in the browser. In fact, millions of students around the world have completed over 90 million DataCamp exercises to date!

Behind every great DataCamp course are the passionate folks who built it. We decided early on that the best way for us to maximize value for our students is to build courses in partnership with top companies and experts in the data science community. That’s why our course library is packed with courses from companies like Anaconda and RStudio and data scientists like Andy Müller (scikit-learn), Julia Silge (Stack Overflow), and Hadley Wickham (ggplot2, dplyr)...

AND YOU! Join the ranks of our amazing part-time, contract instructors!

We are currently looking for data professionals like yourself to help us expand our curriculum to include more hands-on, real-world skills in Python, SQL, Spreadsheets, and Data Engineering. You don't need any prior teaching experience, and your course could impact the lives of over 3 million learners worldwide!

If you're interested, please apply here.

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Posted: Oct. 7, 2018

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