Backend- Python/Tornado Developer

Ready, a Montreal based technology company, is seeking a Remote Canadian Backend Engineer (Python/Tornado) to help us manage, optimize and monitor our backend operations.

The Opportunity

  • Maintain and architect Ready backend code and infrastructure.
  • Help shape and evolve the Ready production API and optimize deployment.
  • Be part of an engineering team creating and innovating new features, while improving user experience.
  • Build mission critical processes to monitor, optimize and improve reaction time for unexpected emergencies, such as unplanned downtime.
  • Know that your work can inspire and impact millions of people- primarily kids and adolescents- to become digital creators and robotics makers.
  • Deepen your engineering skills and experience on the front lines of mobile gaming, robotics, VR/AR.

Your Qualifications

  • Extensive practical experience using Python for backend web development and Skills with Tornado Framework ( or any other async framework for Python (asyncio, Twisted, etc)
  • Extensive experience with our stack components: MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2), Chef / Vagrant, OpsWorks, GitHub.
  • Practical experience engineering highly concurrent web applications that operate at scale. (Be able to smell a race condition or I/O-bound code from a mile away.)
  • Experience designing RESTful APIs.
  • Comfortable with agile methods (Jira, scrum) and remote management (Slack, Github).
  • Conservative engineering attitude creating long-term solutions: Prefer small incremental steps, assuming everything that could go wrong, will go wrong, Ensure the product can evolve in the right way.
  • Understanding of backend architecture (from infrastructure to API design to data models) is the foundation of a good end-user experience.

Bonus Points

  • B.S. degree (or higher) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience integrating with third-party APIs such as Paypal, Mixpanel, Firebase.

Application Process

  • Send us a cover letter explaining your qualifications.
  • We want to see some of your code! A link to a GitHub/BitBucket repository is great, or you can send us a ZIP file with some code that you're proud of!


  • Commensurate with experience.
  • Full time with benefits.
  • Great Vacation/ Personal Time benefits.
  • Flexible live-work schedule.

Desired Skills

How to Apply

Please send your CV to Please attach any Github or LinkedIN profiles

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Posted: Dec. 21, 2018

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