Python Qt Client Software Engineer

SpiderOak is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic mid-to-senior level Python / PyQt developer to join the engineering team. SpiderOak ONE is the original and leading Zero Knowledge cloud backup and file sync tool. You will be working with the ONE product team to drive new features and advance the UX of the product. You'll also be working with our business-side product team to turn customer asks and user stories into fully-fledged features within the product. Our goal is not to present just the best UI for privacy-centric products, but the best UI, period. We take the security and privacy of our customer's data very seriously, so some understanding of the seriousness of our goals is important- if you believe mining user data is the key to monetization, or security is a secondary concern, we will not be a good fit.

You'll have a lot of latitude in crafting the right solutions to problems you've been given to solve. We're a global team with an all-remote Engineering workforce, and we make heavy use of our tools to keep flowing and working with each other- using git, videoconferences, issue tracking, wiki, and Semaphor to communicate and understand what each other is up to. We enjoy working with remote team members who are remote because they happen to like where they live, not because they're working remote to avoid human interaction.

Skills & Requirements

We need to see demonstrable skills in:

  • Python client software development
  • Qt UI development
  • Creating testable, reviewable, and readable code.
  • Enough written and spoken English to keep up with a company that conducts all its business in English.
  • Building and packaging Python client software for cross-platform deployment.
  • Effective self-management and team leadership skills.

We'd love to see skills in:

  • Win32 / COM interaction
  • Cocoa / Objective-C
  • the Twisted framework

What we'd need from you:

  • Have a dependable working schedule with at least a 4-hour overlap with the US Central Time business day (8:00-17:00 UTC-0600)
  • Travel to Kansas City, Missouri two to four times a year for up to two weeks at a time to get face to face time with your coworkers.

About SpiderOak, Inc.

SpiderOak was founded in 2006 focusing on cloud storage you could count being as secure as what was on your hard disk. In 2014, we started work on what became Semaphor, bringing team conversations on the internet to being as secure as a closed door on a conference room.

Our Engineering team is all-remote, so work from the comforts of your own home!

We're happy to offer a benefits package including generous paid time off and stock options for all, and US workers enjoy a full benefit package including medical, dental, vision, life, and short and long term disability insurance.

In addition, we love people who support open source. If you're maintaining a project currently that's relevant to what we're doing, we'd love to pay you to maintain it. We open-source tons of software as well, so if there's a project that makes sense for you to do on company time (that is, it carries us forward) we'll have you work on it and publish it.

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Posted: March 12, 2017

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