Senior Python/Django Developer

I run a 22 year old email software business. We have had great success in the past but we reached a point of our old monolithic legacy app where trying to develop it any further was incurring too much technical debt.

After being burned many times by devs who cannot walk their talk I found a great dev who built a killer email software app for me in Python and DJANGO. It uses Celery and MySQL. He has really done a great job but now he is going on a 1 year sabbatical and will not be available to me.

We then hired someone who misrepresented themselves for 6 months (pretending to be from Europe when he was, in fact, from China).

He has done a lot of work *most of it average level and not great* so we let him go when we uncovered his lies.

But forget about him....

We are trying to build a massive company here and we have all the prospects we need to turn this into a giant. What I need now is YOU!

I need a developer to come in, take over his project and expand this and make this massively scalable.

This will be your Magnum Opus. You will be able to point to our company and in 1 year or less say - YES I BUILT THAT!

The right person (YOU) will have DEVOPS skills, Python, MySQL, NOSQL, Bootstrap, NGINX, CELERY, RABBITMQ, APIs, DOCKER.

We work with various MTAs such as Green Arrow and PowerMTA (Mostly commercial but some OPEN SOURCE too). You will need to understand how to connect to these MTAs via SMTP/HTTP APIs, you will need to learn how to inject mail from our app and you will need to extract data from the MTA for presentation to the end user (yes its a multi-user application).

You will understand email headers, authentication technologies (DKIM/SPF/DMARC/SID).

You will apply great, mature coding techniques: CI, CD and TDD are a must as you will be writing unit tests.

The business is driven by myself and my partners. We are demanding and we expect that our requests will be met.

If you want a long term gig that can replace all the tiny freelance contracts, no BS and the ability to become part of a 22.5 Billion dollar exciting growth industry, this just may be the position for you.

If you are reading this far, I want to talk to you, please lead your posting with the phrase:

"Tahiti...its a magical place" (bonus points if you can tell me where this is from).

Lets do some great things together.

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Posted: April 1, 2018

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