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Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack (remote option)

At Unchained Capital, our mission is to help bitcoin holders achieve unprecedented financial freedom and control. Unchained products include originating loans backed by bitcoin, providing multi-signature vaults utilizing collaborative custody, and buying bitcoin directly to vaults with keys that you control. We’re looking for a Full Stack Engineer to help us expand our product offerings and make multisig self-custody simpler for all bitcoiners.

The Full Stack Engineer role offers an opportunity to find novel solutions to brand new technical challenges in the bitcoin space. There are few comparables to the work we’re doing, so a creative mind who’s willing to go deep into the capabilities of bitcoin on a protocol level is a must. Private key ownership and usage is at the center of everything we do at Unchained Capital. Whether a company is managing its treasury or an individual is holding for the future, we believe in customers participating in their private key security. This presents hard problems to solve that include solutions directly tied to bitcoin’s multisig properties and more traditional software permission controls.  

You’ll have the opportunity to do a lot at Unchained Capital. You can expect in your first year: 

  • First Month: Get onboarded and learn about our current roadmap and plans. You’ll spend a lot of time with your engineering colleagues, the Chief Product Officer, and founders, to understand our architecture and unique challenges. While learning is the focus, you can expect to ship your first contribution this month.
  • Next 3 Months: You’ll connect yourself more to specific customer needs and focus on one in particular. You’ll navigate limitations imposed by our current code base and bitcoin’s protocol, and solve something big for customers.
  • Next 8 Months: Because you’re a Full Stack Engineer, you’ll be touching many aspects of our front and back end. You’ll help us refactor old sections of our applications to accommodate a constantly changing bitcoin landscape, and you’ll ship secure products that make bitcoiners deliriously happy.

What you’ll do:

  • Design, implement, and deliver new cross-application features, including making major changes to our existing schemas or APIs
  • Ruthlessly rewrite, refactor, and improve our existing code
  • Put to use, or obtain, domain specific knowledge of bitcoin and financial services that help you anticipate architecture and product decisions
  • Contribute to our engineering and product roadmaps
  • Review pull requests for our proprietary and open source products
  • Identify opportunities to improve existing systems and workflows for security, flexibility and usability

What we want to see:

  • Mastery of Python and JavaScript
  • Experience with UNIX-like servers and the command line
  • Knowledge of and previous experience in managing AWS environments
  • Experience with backend applications including schema and API design (Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, messaging queues, &c.)
  • Experience with frontend applications (React, Electron, HTML/CSS)
  • Experience working with bitcoin at the protocol level (redeem scripts, xpubs, signatures)
  • Passion for building solid, reliable, secure applications

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Posted: May 13, 2022

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