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We are seeking a Senior Data Scientist who wants to dive headfirst into blockchains, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies while applying the skills they already know. You should learn fast, think on your feet, and be comfortable in a startup environment. We’re happy to have you work remote, but we’d ask that you travel to San Francisco for an initial orientation session.

About the role:

1) Use the PyData stack, Spark, and Tensorflow to analyze a unique combination of blockchain, email, and social network data
2) Create metrics and dashboards to measure the new phenomena that arise in the context of a token-based social network
3) Script and scrape dirty data to get it into shape, and merge it with clean datasets straight from our database
4) Maintain and scale a modern data warehouse with Kinesis and Redshift, and hook it to realtime dashboards like Looker
5) Get to the cutting edge of blockchain and smart contract technology by working with computer scientists and statisticians from Stanford and MIT

About you:

1) Strong academic background in CS/Stats, or demonstrable professional expertise in data science as proven by publications, open source code, or shipped products
2) Familiarity with Python, the PyData stack (numpy, pandas, etc), and Tensorflow (or equivalent)
3) Experience with PostgreSQL, Spark, Kinesis, and Redshift (or equivalent)
4) Ideally some experience with basic backend web development in Django (or equivalent)
5) Ideally, experience in (or a desire to learn) Cython and/or C++ to accelerate slow subroutines
6) Ideally, experience in (or a desire to learn) enough JavaScript to explore and visualize your data


  • $110K – $160K
  • 0.1% – 0.5%

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Posted: Nov. 7, 2017

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