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Senior Python Developer

CVEDIA is a funded AI company that develops deep learning solutions for some of the largest organizations on the planet. We develop dataset solutions for computer vision systems (imagery-based AI). Senior Python Developer to help design, build, and maintain a toolchain for synthetic dataset generation.

In this role, you will have the opportunity of working in a team of exceptionally talented and driven individuals who are all making a massive impact on our business. There is no micromanaging or babysitting at CVEDIA, everyone here drives their own ideas all the way from start to finish, everyone is given an equal opportunity to flourish and see the fruits of their labour.


  • Take on the challenge to improve the performance of real world autonomous systems and be a crucial part in shaping our clients’ success.
  • Help design and implement the requirements of scalable and reliable systems that will be responsible for dealing with massive amounts of data in a clustered environment
  • Implement software enhancements and suggest improvements
  • Manage testing and bug fixes
  • Implement / improve statistics and scientific analysis stack
  • Prepare technical documentation
  • Collaborate with and support the development team
  • Coach junior team members
  • Communicate key concepts to non-technical team members


  • Solid experience as Python Developer
  • Experience with OpenCV, Matplotlib, Numpy, SciPy, and pytest
  • Understanding of computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity and computer architecture
  • Understanding of the functional programming paradigms
  • Basic understanding of databases, SQL, concurrency, and parallelism
  • Knowledge of Pytorch / torch stack is a plus
  • Knowledge of Docker and Docker swarm is a plus
  • Confident verbal and written English
  • Able to balance pragmatism with planning and long-term thinking
  • Proactive and self-sufficient
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership skills
  • Experience working remotely is a plus
  • BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field

What We Offer

  • Fully distributed team, located in 19 countries
  • 4 weeks paid holiday per year
  • Yearly team meetup - this year we went to Portugal!
  • Scrum development process
  • Anti-discriminatory company culture - we won’t discount you for things like needing to pick your kids up from school, your age, your ethnicity, or your gender
  • An excited, communicative, and helpful team - we keep our work environment positive, but we also place importance on honesty

Our Values

1. Passion - We need both energy and passion to develop cutting edge AI. To succeed at CVEDIA, you’ll need to have a strong investment in both your career and the role of AI in the future of the planet.

2. Commitment - CVEDIA has the opposite of a "quick-n-dirty" mentality. Every aspect of our technology has been meticulously built, and is always the product of very hard work.

3. Autonomy - Carrying confidence in the work we do individually is required to work at the pace that we do as a team. Academic research, tutorials, and even creating our own solutions with the tools we have are all on the board during a regular day's work.

4. Joy - It's one of our greatest strengths to bring excitement into our workplace. We carry this energy into meetings, project planning, and our dedication to our work, and focus on work that feels meaningful.

5. Communication - Honest discussions are imperative to the flow of work and ideas. Team members need to be able to effectively communicate complex ideas to those who don’t work in their field. It's a regular occurrence to spontaneously discuss plans and ideas with any team member on the fly, including our CEO or CTO. Each team member is respected equally and acts as a valuable contributor.

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Posted: Oct. 13, 2019

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