Healthcare Data Analyst/Scientist

Hugo is looking for a data scientist with an interest in the development of novel analytic approaches for healthcare data. The individual will work in a team environment to implement and deploy advanced analytic solutions for data integration, harmonization, and healthcare outcomes assessment.


  1. Model Development
    1. Work with team to develop machine learning and natural language processing models for healthcare data management tasks
    2. Develop innovative approaches for the use and analysis of real-world healthcare data
    3. Implement data processing pipelines within development and production environments
    4. Engage with customers in the development of analytic approaches for real-world healthcare data
  2. Data Visualization
    1. Development of data extracts and visualizations for internal and client-facing use
    2. Integration of efforts with software development team to deploy analytics to web and/or mobile applications
  3. Teamwork
    1. Works closely with Director of Technology and development team to identify and create necessary analytic tools and visualizations
    2. Creates and maintains regular status reports
    3. Completes specific task activities as documented in work plans
    4. Promotes a team atmosphere that is conducive to the overall accomplishment of goals, schedules, and deadlines
    5. Openly shares information with all team members
  4. Documentation
    1. Documents data models and software architecture
    2. Assists with implementation and deployment plans


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in healthcare, analytics, or software development

EXPERIENCE: One to three years of experience in analytics, software development, or related work. Prior experience in healthcare or related field preferred.

SPECIALSKILLS: Strong background in data analysis with a diverse set of platforms, such as Python. Experience with developing and accessing data from multiple sources, include web-based APIs, databases (SQL and NoSQL), and structured files such as JSON and XML. Knowledge of advanced analytic approaches, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning and natural language processing. Experience with version control and common software development practices required. Prior experience with the development of visual data representations, including matplotlib and/or D3, and their use in web applications preferred.

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Posted: Dec. 19, 2018

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