Senior Backend Developer (Python, Node)

We're looking for a seasoned backend developer with a love for architecture, systems and services. Someone who can work between application components, internal code structures, and build on top of internally and externally developed platforms. Our work is serious, creative, fun and taxing at times. We’ve found that not taking yourself seriously is helpful. As a team, we like to laugh, and our hope is that you do too. Okay, back to the serious stuff...

The primary responsibility of this role will be to build flexible backend infrastructures which can efficiently extend into APIs, content management systems and other server-side processes. The role requires a thorough understanding of modern web libraries and frameworks, but more importantly, the knowledge of how to best connect those technologies given the context.

This is a contract position with the possibility for extension or a full-time position.


Key Skills

  • 4+ years experience developing websites/applications
  • Technology and architecture expertise for systems involving web applications, optimizations, and on-demand and async background tasks
  • Execute a variety of projects utilizing software development best practices and deep QA and code review standards/practices
  • Python / Django / Node.js / Express / JavaScript / React / Redis / PostgreSQL / AWS / Heroku
  • Actively participate in the full project lifecycle from conception to development through production and QA
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and understand specifications
  • Understand application and database requirements necessary to successfully execute projects
  • Familiarity with idiomatic Python and popular modern web frameworks
  • Practical experience and understanding of REST/JSON APIs
  • Translation of high- or low-fidelity wireframes to release-ready code
  • A passion for writing scalable, maintainable code
  • Familiarity with common data structures and algorithms
  • Expert knowledge of modern development practices, both server-side and client-side


  • Design experience
  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS
  • A love for beer, coffee, and bad jokes

Desired Skills

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Posted: Nov. 27, 2017

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