Bruno Casarotti

Python Developer

São Paulo, Brazil


I am a big fan of Python, I just love it. I'm looking for a long term position where I can use my skills. Is important to notice that I have no prior professional experience with Python, everything I know I learned from reading frameworks documentations, Pluralsight trainning, Coursera and so on. On the other hand I have +6 years of experience with the .NET stack. I have worked as software architect, technical team leader and as a developer. I have participated in a lot of different projects and I also consider myself a self-taught and a fast-learner.
To be honest, I don't want to work with .NET anymore, I am tired of it, since I learned Python I adopted the quote "simple is better than complex" and everytime I applied this I didnt regret it.
I love to study new things and work with different technologies or to have some complex problem to solve. I don't have jealous of my code and I like when people critize it or point out something that could have be done in a better way.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

I really like Flask for it simplicity and Numpy for it's magic. The next thing I am going to learn is the famous Django Framework.


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Backend Development, Docker, Flask, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Pyramid, RabbitMQ, SQLAlchemy, Virtualenv, Web Development

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