Ahmed Soliman

Python Developer

Beni suef, Egypt


A Self-taught, Motivated, hard-working, passionate with over 3 years of Solid unique coding Experience, helping individuals, startups and big companies automate their daily tasks and processes by applying my programming skills into their fields. Sometimes by building scripts that enables them to retrieve, analyze and store data from websites and sometimes by fixing their already developed software and sometimes by offering consultant and suggestions.


Arabic, English

Favorite Python Packages:



Preparedus April 2020 – Present
A start up company, Created during the COVID-19 Pandamic in LA, USA specializing in importing masks from
China to the USA and distrpute on a larg scale to all kinds of facilities that were in need of corona virus masks
starting with Hospitals and ending up with Big Companies.
Data Engineer (Part time position)
Used my python programming skills to build various scripts that would gather leads from social media
platforms like facebook and linkedin then use a third party service to find their contact info. I have successfully
help the company to Supply millions of high-grade Medical and General PPE in USA.
Preparedblanks February 2020 – Present
A B2B company based in LA, USA that supplies high-quality blank garments that are ready for printing.
Software Engineer (Part Time Position)
Scraped and combined data from various sources programmatically for the sales team - wholesale websites,
Linkedin, Facebook, Google Search, Google Maps and Hunter. End Result Successfully managed to help the
company grow and increase its revenue 4x.
Upwork January 2017 – Present
A publicly Traded firm (NASDAQ: UPWK Russell 2000 Index) and the largest global freelancing website with
millions of jobs posted annually, providing companies with over 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of
work and has over 14 million users in 180 countries with $1B in annual freelancer billings.
Python Developer / Web Scraping / Data Crawling and Automation Expert (Freelance position)
Analyzing website structure, HTTP requests, understanding the logic the website uses to retrieve the data and
Building python scripts to simulate the same http request (using requests library) and turning the content into useful
data by parsing it (using beautifulsoup library) and iterating, searching, and modifying the parse tree to harness the
data and export it to csv sheet or store it into a database for later analysis.
• Solid Python knowledge: Landed more than 5 big projects that everyone else thought they were impossible
to be done, toke a command line based script and converted it to a GUI app and helped growing a lot of
startups’ businesses.
• Writing Reusable, Testable, and Efficient Code: Delivering well documented, easy to understand and clean
code is one of the most qualities my clients value my work for.
• Identifying, Debugging and fixing problems: Checking the code for bugs and anticipate all possible scenarios
before releasing the final script to the client ensuring the satisfaction of the client.


Flask, Pandas, Scrapy, Web Scraping

Joined: June 19, 2020