Derrick Gee

San Francisco, United States


I have a background of being in the Real Estate Industry, working as an assistant and agent. I initially went to San Jose State University to pursue a Graphic Design degree. Now I am currently a student at Holberton in San Francisco, working to become a Full-Stack Software Engineer. My current passion is to solve problems with code.


English, Japanese

Favorite Python Packages:

beautifulsoup4, selenium


Software Engineer - Freelance. San Francisco, 11/18 - Present

Developing web scrapers using Python with Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

Full-Stack Software Engineer Student - Holberton. San Francisco, 09/18 - 9/20

Project based and peer-to-peer learning. Curriculum consists of: programming fundamentals,algorithms, data structures, time and space complexity, general Full-Stack knowledge.


Git, Linux, SQL, Selenium, Web Scraping, wxPython

Joined: May 13, 2019

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