Alin Climente

Tech. Consultant | Python, Javascript, RPA, Data specialist

Iasi, Romania


My craft is to find and implement time saving solutions in day to day project workflows.
I use Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS to create software tools (desktop/web apps) that integrate with the project workflow.

Created a few open source projects with over 27k downloads:
- flaskwebgui (create desktop apps with Python Django/Flask),
- pyvan (distribute standalone desktop applications made with python),
- pyrobogui (automate/test desktop/web applications),
- pycomok (handle outlook actions read/send mails with python),
- sqlitepandas (simple ORM for pandas tables).


English, Romanian, Moldavan

Favorite Python Packages:

Pandas, xlwings, openpyxl, Selenium, Django, Flask, pyautogui, plotly, Firebase, mithriljs and more


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Joined: July 18, 2020