Afzal Shahul Hameed

Backend dev looking to shift from on location to remote work

Kannur, India


I am a ~3 year experienced developer focused on the backend with experience in NodeJS and Python looking to move to a remote job while living at my native in Kerala. Having worked in a couple of Django projects in my first year and then developed rest services using Google Endpoints and now working for Datacoral for the past ~1 year, a data infrastructure platform built on customer's AWS accounts and written in NodeJS, I believe I could add value to any programming team.


English, Hindi, Malayalam


Software Engineer

Company Name: Tarams Software

Dates Employed: Jun 2015 – Present

Location: Bengaluru Area, India

Having worked on server-side of 2 different web apps in Python/ Django and ported another from Django 1.6 to 1.8 and developed RESTful backend services with Google Cloud Endpoints 2.0. for an enterprise app with Google App Engine for GSuite Marketplace, I now work for Datacoral, a data infrastructure platform built on top of various aws services with lambdas written in Node.js being the backbone. Although the startup nature demands us to do all kinds of works, I mainly work in developing REST backend web in Expressjs and in developing a customer cli based on Commanderjs, parts of building a self serve platform for the customers.

Worked with various data base systems; MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Datastore and now at Datacoral we use DynamoDB and Redshift.

Joined: April 3, 2018

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