Wasi Mohammed Abdullah

Software Engineer, Python

Chittagong, Bangladesh


My work is something I do with lot of honesty, appetite and commitment. Love to help others to find the best programmable solution to achieve their objectives. As a Software Engineer, I enjoy using my obsessive attention to detail, my unequivocal love for making things, and my mission-driven work ethic to craft solutions that are efficient & does exactly what needs to be done.

My programming journey started on 2012. I have 2+ years of working experience as a Software Engineer and served a Software Company in Chittagong. Plus, 4 years of working Experience on different freelancing platforms.



Favorite Python Packages:

selenium, scrapy, django, nltk, requests, pandas, beautifulsoup


If you are looking for my Work Experience or, Resume. Please, get in touch: https://wasi0013.com/contact


    Django, Git, Linux, Pandas, PostgreSQL, Scrapy, Selenium, Web Development, Web Scraping

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