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Full Stack Python Developer

Danbury, CT, United States


Full Stack Python Developer with over 15 years experience in the Software Business. I have worked in all types of relationships from small startups to global fortune 50 companies. Python is my passion, and I really get a kick out of data management, architectures, and product development.


Benjamin P. Robinson


Software Architect with nearly two decades of experience spanning Fortune 500 companies to startups and existing small business. The work I am most passionate about involves leveraging Python architectures in a challenging, positive and highly collaborative work environment with a solid approach to the project management lifecycle using the agile approach.

Technical Skills:

Languages: Python, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS (+Bootstrap), Bash, SQL

Databases: Mysql, Postgres, Mongodb, CouchDb

Development Environments: Pycharm, IntelliJ, Zend Studio, Eclipse, Atom, SublimeText, Notepad++, vim

MVC Frameworks: Flask/Jinja, Django, Zend, Codelgnitor, many custom frameworks

Development Methodologies: Agile (preferred), Waterfall

Project Management Software: Atlassian Suite, RallyDev, DotProject, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, Microsoft Project, Mantis

Version Control: Git (preferred), SVN

Selected Experience

Pfizer, Groton, CT 2018-2019

Scientific Software Engineer

  • Architected an automated database structural integrity scanning system for a CouchDB environment consisting of 20M+ registered molecular structures
  • o Main Technologies: Python, linux command line, bash scripting, CouchBase API

  • Customized implementation of Redash (, an integrated query organizer for pulling and managing data from various sources on a scheduler, which also offers visualization tools. Architected a custom Interface to the Redash Api to existing infrastructure for managing complex processing of laboratory data in chemical modelling applications.
  • Project management style: Very loose week to week agile
  • Vcs: Git
  • The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT 2017-2018

    Scientific Software Engineer

  • Python Development and Unit Testing using the Flask framework and Jinja Templating syntax
  • o Databases: Postgres and MongoDB

    o Technologies used: Celery, RabbitMQ, heavy linux command line, bash shell scripting, full stack development in Python.

  • Bash Shell scripting with cron jobs for system automation
  • Front end work in Jquery / Bootstrap CSS
  • System Administrative tasks involving complex virtual server environment setups
  • Front end work in Javascript / Jquery
  • Complex Continuous Integration setups with Jenkins
  • (Jackson Laboratory, ctd)

  • Ability to immerse myself in new technologies rapidly as well as juggle multiple challenging projects in the scientific space. This was by far an away the most challenging and rewarding set of projects I’ve had the privilege to work on! A perfect example of my ideal working environment.
  • Project Management Style: Very Strict Agile, using Atlassian products, average 2 week lifecycle for projects.
  • Vcs: Git
  •, Montana (Remote Project) 2015-2016

    Software Engineer

  • Performed routing maintenance and new project development for the Votesmart family of online offerings. Very complex Relation Backend and extensive usage of Django native ORM.
  • Technologies used: Python/Django with Postgres backend, HTML/CSS/Javascript, AngularJS.
  • Project Management Style: Very loose agile with no project tracking.
  • Vcs: Git
  • Wellsfargo, Charlotte, NC (Remote Project) 2014-2015

    Software Engineer

  • Performed data migration for one of the country’s largest banks and IT infrastructures using mainly Python, command line Linux, and MySQL architecting.
  • Project Management style: Daily morning checkins, 2 week agile lifecycle
  • Vcs: Git
  • Pfizer, Groton, CT 2013

    Systems Architect/Computational Chemistry

  • Created a Django-based dashboard to present historical data from a chemical modeling API for one of the largest chemical research facility in the world.
  • more
  • Technologies used: Python, MySQL, HTML/Javascript/CSS, Bash Shell Scripting.
  • Project Management style: Very loose week to week agile
  • Vcs: Git
  • CNBC, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 2012

    Software Engineer

  • Assisted in a large migration project from Microsoft services to an open source platform.
  • Assigned to wires automation-24/7 availability incoming XML data streams to be published instantly to the platform.
  • Technologies used: PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, Shell Scripting, SVN, Gearman (Multithreaded PHP Daemon).
  • Project Management Style: Strict weekly Agile process.
  • Vcs: SVN
  • MiMedia LLC, Portchester, NY 2010

    Software Engineer

  • Assisted in the development of a personal online media storage portal. Worked on back end JSON services and Base Classes for the application, as well as front end layout and highly sophisticated AJAX services for a rich media application.
  • Technologies used: PHP, Zend Frameworks, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSON Data Services, SSH, Mantis, MySQL.
  • Project Management Style: Agile / Weekly.
  • Vcs: SVN
  •, Bethel, CT 2009-2010

    Software Architect

  • Enhanced beta PHP application for pilot in next generation online real estate marketing website. Began work on version 2 site on Zend Framework.
  • Technologies used: PHP, Zend Framework, JavaScript, JQuery, SSH, Mantis, MySQL, HTML, CSS, RallyDev.
  • Project Management Style: Agile / 2 week scrums.
  • Vcs: SVN
  • Heineken (with Publicis Modem), Norwalk, CT 2008

    Software Architect

  • Constructed the class modules to drive all the logic for SOAP communication layer to sync new entries live to Holland email system, XML data services for front end flash applications, and mobile platform integration.
  • Technologies used: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL.
  • Vcs: none (!)
  • Project Management style: Very loose agile, managers using Microsoft project. Jira for bug tracking
  • Scholastic, Inc. Danbury, CT 2005-2008

    Software Engineer

  • Maintained the Grolier Online set of encyclopedic products within the software development team of Scholastic Library Publishing. Key Member of the Grolier Online team responsible for moving existing applications off the legacy systems to new, higher speed L.A.M.P. Environments. The migration was from Sun Solaris servers using CGI and Oracle to new high speed HP rack systems using PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed a custom link scanning system in Python, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript to scan 50,000+ outbound links from the Grolier Online system for 404’s and unacceptable language. The system also allowed staff to review the results after each scan and mark certain links for deletion or correction.
  • Technologies used: PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSP, Shell Scripting, SSH, MySQL, Oracle, CGI, Python, CVS, Custom MVC framework, Apache, IIS.
  • Project Management Style: Waterfall
  • Vcs: An Antiquated Sun System/Mercurial
  • Education / Other

    Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT

    Major: Physics and Computer Science (4th year)

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