Dmitrij Strelnikov

Tech lead, Python dev

Berlin, Germany


Advanced Django developer trainer at

Python/Django senior developer.
Interesting in role with possible grow and opportunity of team lead.

Possible relocation to DE, AT, UK.

tech stack
#python #django #postgres #ansible #linux #nginx #git #aws #rasa

soft skills
#problem solver #communicative #open minded #dog owner #bike rider

50€/55$ hour


Czech, English, Russian

Favorite Python Packages:

django, httpx, requests, debug_toolbar, django_extensions


Full time projects :

Oracle - Principal Software Engineer, Oracle Managed Cloud Services team

KBC Group - 1y7m, virtual assistant dev, rasa, aws, python

Behavee - 5m, senior backend developer, flask, mysql

Twisto - 4y6m, tech ops lead, senior backend developer, python, django, postgres, api

SlushPool - 1y, senior backend developer, python, django, postgres


Project based cooperation: - backend development, python, django, gpc, aws, ansible - fullstack development, python, django, postgres, ansible, linux - automation booking services, django, postgres - backend development, python, django, postgres - backend development, python, django, mysql


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ansible, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Git, Linux, Nginx, PostgreSQL, REST, Web Development, uWSGI

Joined: April 2018