Alvaro Linares

Backend Developer Python Associate

Madrid, Spain


I have more of one year experience with Python using Django, Flask and FastAPI.

I work too as DevOps with experience on Docker and Kubernetes.

I have more 25 years experience into my professional history.

Favorite Python Packages:

requests, json, boto3, os, datetime, re, etc...


I programming more at 25.000 line on Python. I build in my company two siete with Django and three in Flask.


Actually I work in a personal project with FastAPI.


I'm certificate by Python Institute Entry-Level.


Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Apache, DevOps, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, FastAPI, Flask, Git, Google Cloud Platform, Gunicorn, Kubernetes, Linux, Memcached, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Terraform, Virtualenv, Web Development, Web Scraping, uWSGI

Joined: July 2022