Kashif Aziz

Web Scraping, Data Extraction Expert and Python Developer

Karachi, Pakistan


I have experience of web scraping, data extraction and transformation using Python. I can extract, process and package data in various formats including CSV, JSON and XML. I can also build data pipelines to fetch and input data to databases and WordPress based sites.

I have also worked with various APIs and data sets.


English, Urdu

Favorite Python Packages:

Requests, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, Pyexcel


With 2 years of Python development experience, I am very much on hands with gathering business requirements and implement them using well document, PEP8 compliant code.

Some of the tasks where I have utilized my Python skills are:

 Developed a wrapper for Indeed Job Search API. Searches jobs listed at Indeed.com based on location and keyword, stores result in a CSV. https://github.com/kashaziz/indeed-python-wrapper

 Developed an interface to access and rename files on Dropbox. This was achieved using Dropbox API and Python SDK.

 Built a RESTful API to translate Excel documents using Google Cloud Translation API. The translation preserves sheet styles and formulas.

 Built a data pipeline to scrape property listings and incorporate the data into a Wordpress site.

Tools and technologies used: Python Flask, SQLite, BeautifulSoup, Requests, Pandas, Pptx, Pyexcel


Flask, Pandas, Selenium, Web Scraping

Joined: April 15, 2019

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