Marx Melencio

AI / DL / ML Developer, Wearable / IoT Device Builder & Entrepreneur

Quezon City, Philippines


I'm Marx, an ICT developer, marketing communication strategist and entrepreneur. I'm completely blind.
I have knowledge and expertise in the following tech fields:

1. AI / DL / ML Development
2. Wearable / IoT Device Engineering & Host System Integration Programming
3. System Automation, Software Programming & Web Development'
4. Remote & Local UNIX / Windows Server / Workstation / Network Setup & Management

I also have significant knowledge and experience in the following creative fields:

1. Digital Multimedia Marketing, Advertising & Telesales Campaign Development & Management
2. Business Development, Growth Hacking, Local & Remote Workforce Management
3. User Interface Design & User Experience Optimization for Disability and Senior Markets


English, Tagalog

Favorite Python Packages:

OpenCV, Tensorflow, Keras, Numpy, Pyserial


Lead AI / DL / ML Developer, Chief Wearable / IoT Device Builder, Research & Development Managing Director

>> Grayscale Marketing Consultancy & Department of Science & Technology, Philippines

- This is an ongoing research and development project that started in August 2017;

- We're building a wearable device with an AI engine that can assist blind persons like myself in our daily indoor and outdoor activities;

- We're now at the manufacturing and software production deployment stage of this 2-year project; and

- Next stage is commercialization where I'll serve as chief B2B / B2C marketing strategist and managing director ...

Founder, Chief Marketing Communication Strategist & Managing Director

>> Grayscale Marketing Consultancy

- I founded our small company in 2003;

- I'm continuing to build and manage our 12-year old company, which offers ICT development and multimedia marketing for local and international clients;

- I create digital marketing, online advertising and telesales campaigns for our clients;

- Along with my small administrative staff, we build remote and local teams to execute multimedia and telemarketing campaigns for our clients; and

- Aside from generating the bottom-line results that our clients want, we also provide gainful employment and freelancing opportunities to persons with disabilities ...

Lead AI / DL / ML Developer, Chief Wearable / IoT Device Builder, Research & Development Managing Director


- I founded this tech startup, and we recently won a seed stage development grant out of 200 entries from a local incubator;

- Our winning proof of concept prototype is a wearable device with an AI software engine that can assist deaf persons in their daily communication needs at work, school or at home; and

- We're now at the optimization stage of our hardware and software prototypes ...


Amazon Web Services, Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, Keras, Linux, Machine Learning, NumPy, TensorFlow, Web Development, Web Scraping

Joined: Feb. 6, 2019

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