loredana sideri

Senior Python Dev 7+ years

Ancona, Italy


Currently I work with the CNR of Pisa for a project on cyber security, after finishing a project on the classification of .it domains which lasted 4 years.
In my spare time I study to finish the master degree in Digital Humanities - Knowledge Management - and I dedicate myself to the development of personal projects on: machine learning, social netwok analysis and data visualization.


English, Italian

Favorite Python Packages:

scikit-learn, pandas, openvas_lib


November 2013 until now

CNR – National Research Council of Italy at IIT - Institute for Informatics and Telematics



-Study and analysis of Machine Learning algorithms, in particular classification algorithms and Support Vector Machine.

-Analysis and evaluation of classification systems by the implementation and use of statistical coefficients (Precision / Recall, F-Score and Krippendorff's Alpha)

-Development of a crawler and parsing system for Information Retrival from websites.

-Development of linguistic tools (stopwords removal, lemmatization, stemmer)

-Writing of scientific articles and presentations

Participation in scientific conferences on topics of Machine Learning, Data Mining and Text Mining


Backend Development, Celery, Data Science, Django, Flask, Machine Learning, MySQL, Pandas, Web Scraping

Joined: Sept. 4, 2018