Solving real world and business problems with outstanding code

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


I combine a strong passion for technology to a deep understanding of business, economics, linguistics and people, being able to effectively go from a raw need to implemented custom-built solutions, such as:

- Mobile-first web applications, fast, reliable and safe by design;
- Real-time data acquisition tools and automation, web scraping;
- Data science tools, data visualization and Machine Learning models;

My results are driven by a combination of business experience, technical knowledge, solid risk management and a strong hack mindset: bias toward action, start small, fail forward.


English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

Flask, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, Pandas, NumPy, NLTK, TensorFlow


I'm a Python developer who professionally build and maintain RESTful web-applications for SMEs full-time since 2018, using mainly Flask and MariaDB deployed to cloud and on-premises infrastructure (Linux, mostly Docker/Kubernetes). I also work with data manipulation, visualization and analysis, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for academia and businesses. My strongest passions as a developer are backend development, infrastructure and data science. In addition, I'm passionate about agriculture, cars, languages and outdoor activities.

My skillset is very adaptable and I can confidently learn well and fast any other technology or topic.

Previously, I've successfully led a Digital Transformation team at the largest bank in the southern hemisphere, Itaú Unibanco, and worked extensively with business consultancy, which provided me with the soft skills and deep business understanding that allow my code to solve real world problems, not only fulfill requirement lists.

I have Bachelor's degrees in Linguistics and Economics, obtained at one of the best universities in Brazil, and I'm fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.


Amazon Web Services, Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, Big Data, Docker, Flask, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Linux, Machine Learning, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, NumPy, Pandas, REST, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, Security, TensorFlow, Web Development, jQuery, uWSGI

Joined: March 18, 2020