Ahmed Madbouly

Data Scientist

Cairo, Egypt


I'm a Freelance Software Engineer and Data Scientist enthusiast with a passion for Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, cognitive computing, predictive analysis, NLP and deep learning coming up with new models, developing high quality, high-performance code and constantly improving the solution and expanding its scope by solving complex business problems using machine learning and new technology and the ability to see insights turned into real value.

Languages & Frameworks:

Python (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, scrapy, flask, etc...) | R (dplyr, ggplot2, shiny, caret) | Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, Watson, GCP) | Deep Learning (Keras/Tensorflow, Pytorch, Theano) | Linux | Elasticsearch | Docker | Kubernetes | SQL | Spark | MongoDB.


Arabic, English, Italian


Amazon Web Services, Apache, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Django, Docker, Elasticsearch, Flask, Fullstack Development, Git, Google Cloud Platform, Hadoop, Heroku, JavaScript, Jenkins, Keras, Natural Language Processing, NumPy, Pandas, PostgreSQL, SQL, Scrapy, Selenium, Spark, TensorFlow, Vagrant, Virtualenv, Visualization, Vue.js

Joined: March 2, 2019

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