Python/back-end/software engineer/developer



I am a python developer with mathematical background looking for either full time or part-time/freelance job for after-work hours. I worked on different projects in research and production, related to mathematical algorithms, web scraping, web applications, devops, others. I have been working with linux for more than 10 years, and with python for around 5 years. I am also familiar with other tools, such as git, ssh, bash, cron, ufw, mysql, javascript, go, c/c++ etc.


Dutch, English, Russian, Ukrainian

Favorite Python Packages:

Requests, argparse, os, beautifulsoup ...


Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Backend Development, Celery, DevOps, Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Flask, Fullstack Development, Git, JavaScript, Linux, Machine Learning, MySQL, NumPy, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, SciPy, Scrapy, Selenium, Terraform, Virtualenv, Web Development, Web Scraping, jQuery, wxPython

Joined: October 2017