Adam Hopkins

Vision. Strategy. Execution. I am a solutions developer. I take a problem, and solve it. I've built a startup. I've launched products.



​With over twenty years of development experience in creating web applications, and a background in running a startup tech company and launching several successful large scale applications, I've learned a knack for taking practical business requirements and translating them into deliverable solutions. My legal experience has given me a unique ability to manage a team and perspective that has translated extremely well to my time in the technology industry.


English, Hebrew (modern)

Favorite Python Packages:

django, django-restframework, wagtail, mailpile, channels, dateparser, elasticsearch_dsl


20+ years experience building web applications

Given a problem in my own life, I'd resort to building myself a web app to fix it. From budgeting software to time management solutions, I've built a lot of apps.

My professional career started on a team consulting on how to build a UI for an online voting platform. I went to law school and started a legal career where I built web applications for managing my law school work load, and tracking my hours as a paralegal.

Despite a successful career as a lawyer (being named one of the **top 5%** of rising lawyers for **three years**), I transitioned to my passion: web technologies.


I joined a startup doing Internet marketing, and took my existing time management platform and developed it into a full featured product/time/payroll/lead management solution.


I also built a solution for tracking advertising fraud and blocking malicious traffic.

Open Source

I have always been a proponent of Open Source and the Free Software community. I recently garnered the courage to begin releasing a variety of tools I have built for myself over the years to the open world hoping that somehow they will be useful to more than just me. I invite you to take a look at, for example, PorterJS.


Backend Development, Celery, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Elasticsearch, Frontend Development, Git, Gunicorn, JavaScript, Linux, Machine Learning, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis, Security, Selenium, Virtualenv, Web Development, Web Scraping, jQuery

Joined: March 4, 2017