Irungu Maina

Software Engineer: Web | Cloud

Nairobi, Kenya


My name is Irungu Maina, a full-stack developer with over 8 years of professional and commercial experience.

Beyond coding, I’m passionate about solving complex problems and helping businesses thrive through innovative solutions. My constant drive to learn and relearn keeps me at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

I specialize in building backend applications using Python/Django/Wagtail and crafting interactive user interfaces with JavaScript/React.js/html/Tailwind CSS. I have previously had deep experience with PHP and WordPress. My expertise extends to seamlessly deploying applications and managing servers, ensuring smooth operation and scalability.


English, Swahili

Favorite Python Packages:

Requests, Pytest, SQL Alchemy. Urllib, Beautifulsoup, Pendulum, Scrapy, FastAPI, Tkinter, Pillow, OpenCV, NumPy, Pandas, PyCaret, LightGBM, Theano, Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Sci-Kit Learn, Bokeh, Seaborn, Matplotlib, SciPy


Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with a diverse range of clients worldwide, tackling projects of various sizes and complexities. My experience encompasses

  • websites,
  • web applications,
  • e-commerce stores,
  • web portals,
  • web scrapers,
  • management systems,
  • Wagtail CMS, and more.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Backend Development, Celery, DevOps, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Docker, FastAPI, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, Git, GraphQL, JavaScript, Jenkins, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, REST, ReactJS, SQL, Scrapy, Selenium, Test-Driven Development, Virtualenv, Web Development, Web Scraping

Joined: March 2024