John Kamau

Web Developer

Eldoret, Kenya


Am an experience web developer in python, i fell in love with python on my third year in college and haven't stop ever since. i love it's ease and clarity.



Favorite Python Packages:

django, flask, twisted, django-paypal, cheesefactory_smb, librouteros,


AWS Cyber Security - CloudSec Technologies LLC:

  • Setting up cloud Infrastructure for the company.
  • Identifying systems and network vulnarabilities in the companies private cloud.
  • Worked on developing a cloud security and company infrastructure monitoring software.

Network Technician Intern - Kenya Television Service:

  • Oversaw and managed operational and security requirements for numerous computers in the network and regular maintenance.
  • Established, repaired and optimized network by installing devices, wiring and cabling. Set up hardware and software in optimal configurations to meet network performance requirements.
  • Investigated and corrected problems with printers, copiers and other peripheral devices.
  • Implemented company policies, technical procedures and standards for preserving integrity and security of data, reports and access.

Freelance Software Developer - Chesslink Services:

  • Embedded hardware, firmware and interfaces used in the networking industry.
  • Devised data usage software with modules for inventory monitoring, customer relationship management, staff administration and generation of reports.
  • Collaborated with Network Installation businesses to design new applications system to enhance ease of internet connectivity.
  • Rapidly prototyped new data processing capabilities to confirm integration feasibility into existing systems.

Web Application Developer - LocoENT LTD:

I have developed this applications so far:

  • AHQS - This system organizes patients in a hospital or a health-center into a queue and calls them to the doctor one by one. This assures the patients that they will be attended shortly while enabling the hospital's management to keep track of the service delivery. Furthermore it brings order to the chaos that normally plagues our public hospitals.
  • SoftMENU - A replacement to the typical paper-printed menu for restaurants and hotels with a digital and responsive one. Using this system a customer is able to request for food to be brought to a table. By interacting with touch screen devices mounted on tables.
  • Media Hub Server - A system that enables streaming of content to any computer device (PC, mobile, Smart-TV) without ISP internet bundles only subscription fee. with sites like YouTube, that require one to have a lot of bundle or a stable internet connection to access. I sought to make the content available by serving the media content locally for a small fee. This system is aimed at world class Entertainment content to the common man.
  • MtaaniPOS - A simple to use yet detailed Point of Sale application for any establishment.
  • Netify - Is a system that automates payments for internet connection. Anyone who intends to venture into the ISP business can use this system for billing clients, and do so hands free.
  • Maliposwift - Is a payment gateway for PayPal and MPESA that can be linked to any application that requires payment processing.
  • Pawards - I was a part of the team that developed The Presidential Award System. An award system for primary schools,high school and tertiary institutions that manages their volunteer activities from a centralized place. it also recommends candidates to be awarded for an activity.
  • CloudSec FOS - A Cybersecurity checklist tool that makes Cybersecurity\nassessment of an organization swift and transparent.


Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Celery, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Flask, Nginx, PostgreSQL, PyQt, RabbitMQ, Security, Test-Driven Development, Twisted, Web Development, jQuery

Joined: October 2022