StJohn Piano

Software Engineer

Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom


Extensive experience in solving difficult software problems.

Primary skills: Python (9 years), Linux (5 years).




28 June 2017 - present
Edgecase (
Software Engineer
- Founder and owner of company (public-key-based).
- Designed and built Edgecase Datafeed, a secure publishing system for distributing software products.
- Developed and tested product (code toolset for offline Bitcoin storage).
- [Python, uWSGI, GPG, rsync, CentOS Linux, DigitalOcean] Designed and implemented Edgecase Datafeed, a highly secure publishing system, which is best described as a private blockchain that periodically hooks into the Bitcoin blockchain. All published articles are digitally signed with GPG and timestamped in the Bitcoin blockchain. Edgecase Datafeed can be viewed at:
- [Python, Debian Linux] Designed and implemented a toolset that allows a user to securely store Bitcoin offline. Details at:
- Developed services on top of Edgecase Datafeed: Consulting and secure publication. Details at:

24 October 2015 - present
Abacii Ltd
Project Manager
2 New River Green, Exning, Newmarket CB8 7HS
- Managed 17 transcription projects, totalling 336738 transcriptions (transcribed speech data is used to test the accuracy of speech recognition systems).
- Wrote transcription guide for new transcribers, which can be viewed at:
- Hired and trained transcribers.
- [Python] Wrote scripts to perform proofreading, spellchecking, and statistical selection for Quality Assurance (QA) testing on transcription projects. QA results across 283258 transcriptions (53480 were not checked): Average raw text accuracy score was 92.1%.
- [Python] Wrote scripts to process large Nuance Recogniser logs and extract data for transcription.
- Developed severe Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to intense typing during a large project. Constructed a heavily modified instance of Dragon Dictate so that I could work while my hands healed. A video demo of the dictation system is available here:
- Wrote an overview of RSI (causes, treatment, etc), which can be viewed at:
Skills Developed:
- Guidance and encouragement of new transcribers who had to learn the non-intuitive skill of exact transcription of speech.
- [Python] Design of scripts that could process large amounts of logged data and extract important information.
- [Applescript, Python] Design of interpretation plugins for a dictation system that allow the extremely specific text manipulation operations required for programming.
- Excellent knowledge of: RSI, hand/arm anatomy, nerve damage and healing, ideal posture of a computer user, posture-friendly computer equipment (chairs, keyboards, monitor stands).

01 April 2015 - 23 October 2015
Abacii Ltd
Speech Science Intern
2 Cockburn Street, Cambridge CB1 3NB
- [GrXML, ECMAScript] Implemented speech grammar systems in English and Spanish.
- [VBA] Ported macros for project report generation from Excel 2007 (Windows XP) to Excel 2011 (Mac OS X 10.6.8).
Skills Developed:
- How to design and tune speech recognition GrXML grammars.
- [CentOS Linux, VirtualBox] How to install, configure, and use a Nuance Recogniser system in a virtual machine.

15 April 2014 - 21 March 2015
Journeyman Project
Senior Designer / Research Engineer
Albion Works, Church Lane, Barham, Canterbury, Kent, UK, CT4 6QS
Project Goal: Develop an automated 3D woodworking machine (combination CNC router, spindle moulder, and scanner) with tablet interface. Funding provided by Jali.
Result: Project canceled when true scale of required software research and development became apparent.
- [Python, Debian Linux] Plug&Play Raspberry Pi-based networked camera system. Takes and serves a 1296x972 pixel jpeg file over a local network in ~0.5 seconds. Uses picamera driver and cherrypy webserver. Three of these cameras were installed in the Jali automated furniture painting system.
- [Python, Basic, Debian Linux] Raspberry Pi-based dynamic control of a Baldor motion controller and Omron servomotors.
Skills Developed:
- Construction of electrical and motor systems.
- Embedded systems development (Raspberry Pi, Arduino).
- Good knowledge of Linux system configuration, computer networking, web servers.
- Detailed knowledge of the Atmel ATmega328 chip (used in the Arduino) and the GRBL motion control system (used in many 3D printers).

Jan 2014 - 15 April 2014
Abacii Ltd
Transcription Manager
2 Cockburn Street, Cambridge CB1 3NB
- [Python] Wrote scripts to extract and sort large amounts of transcription data.
- Analysed speech recognition system outcomes, using Excel charts.
- [Python] Automated Excel chart generation.
- Partitioned and managed work among the transcriber team.
- Transcribed English & Spanish audio files.

July 2013 - Dec 2013
Abacii Ltd
2 Cockburn Street, Cambridge CB1 3NB
- Transcribed English & Spanish audio files.
Skills Developed:
- Ability to understand a wide variety of accents in Spanish.

July 2012 - Sept 2012
Jali Ltd
[custom made-to-measure furniture, automated factory]
Albion Works, Church Lane, Barham, Canterbury, Kent, UK, CT4 6QS
Web Developer
- [PHP, MySQL, JSON] Database system for company website image gallery (thumbnail generation, watermarking, security).
- [Python] Wrote a shape analysis software package for an image recognition application.
Skills Developed: Simple web development, computational geometry algorithms.

June 2011 - Sept 2011
Tata Steel
Durham, United Kingdom
Research Assistant [summer internship]
- [Matlab] Wrote code to analyse data produced by ultrasound signals moving through steel bars.
- [Python] Wrote additional code that reduced testing time from 20 minutes to 1 minute.


Backend Development, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Git, Linux

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