Nikhil Sharma

Python Developer

Noida, India


I have 3 years of experience working with Python and it's related frameworks.


English, Hindi

Favorite Python Packages:

Django, Django Rest, Flask, Ipython, requests, isorted


3 years of Work Experience. The projects I have worked on are:

  • Go Play BookThe project is about sports. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store and goes with the name of GoPlayBook. This mobile application will require user to sign up via FB and will ask user about his/her choice ofsport and then user can make his/her own team. User can also book a venue for a minimal fees and can also create events. . Stack Used – Python 3.5.2, Django 1.11.7), Django Rest Framework. Database – POSTGRESQL. Other Libraries – Elastic Search, django-haystack. Links – App is now available on Play Store and App Store.
  • Pelotea - Pelotea is a sports product which lets user signup on the platform as the team manager/team player who then can play in amateur leagues which right now are held in Quito, Ecuador. A team manager/league manager can create fixtures (which teams play with what team) and then for a particular fixture results are entered on which the teams are ranked. There are many more functions that the platform provides and is still improving over the time. Stack Used - Django(1.11.10 upgraded from version 1.8.x), Python (3.6.6 upgrade from Python 2.7.13), DRF(3.8 upgrade from version 3.6), POSTGRESQL(9.6 upgrade from version 9.1).
  • SAS – SAS is a retail system which helps in billing and providing the manpower to the stores in USA for re-arranging, putting up new items on shelf. Stack Used – Django, Python, POSTGRESQL


Amazon Web Services, Backend Development, Celery, Django, Django REST Framework, Flask

Joined: Aug. 12, 2019

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