Abdullah Al Mohin Jaki

Hi, I am Jaki,

Dhaka, Bangladesh


I am a Python developer. Always try to learn new technical and systematical knowledge and update skill. I am a quick learner and self motivated.


Bengali, English


I have been working in python for more than two and half+ years.  I have developed a few projects as well as some pet projects with Django, PostgreSQL, DRF, Angular, Bootstrap, jquery etc.  I have solved several problems in online judges like HackerRank.

My one of the project is jTro-Auth. Its is the simillar of All-Auth django modules. I was developed few more project and some are e-commerce and learnign management system, doctor management system and more.


AngularJS, Django, Django REST Framework, Git, Heroku, JavaScript, SQL, Scrapy, Web Scraping

Joined: Sept. 11, 2020