AWS Full Stack Developer

Plano, United States


• Solution Architect / Full Stack Developer with over 22 years of experience in cloud computing, application development, CI/CD, testing.
• Experience in creating, provisioning and monitoring of services in AWS cloud.
• Experience in AWS EC2, Lambda, S3 Storage, cloud watch, SNS, SES, SQS, Amazon MQ, Pinpoint, Mobile Push, FARGATE, Route 53, VPC, DocumentDB, AWS CLI.
• Experience in serverless computing. (AWS Lambda with python / Node JS)
• Experience in creating a Domain Driven Micro Services.
• Hands on experience in migrating Monolithic System to Micro Services.
• Experience in Java 8, Spring Boot Framework.
• Experience in creating Unit Test, Integration Test.
• Experience in creating SPA applications using React 16.
• Experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design, N-tier architecture.
• Experience in E-Commerce domain (B2C and B2B).
• Sun Certified Java Programmer for JAVA 5.


English, Tamil

Favorite Python Packages:

boto3, pymongo, pydub



Allstate Insurance:

  • Design and implementation of the GhostWriter's serverless based micro services workflow.
  • Fine-tuned the Total Loss batch recording's upload and GhostWriter workflow processing time.
  • Fine-tuned the MongoDB connection issues in AWS Lambda and accelerated the query execution time.
  • Fixed the AWS lambda cold start issues by triggering cloud watch warmer event for every 5 minutes.
  • CI/CD pipeline setup and AWS cloud formation scripts.


  • Architected the technical workflow of the Spec B and Spec C for 17CY Remote Commands.
  • Implemented the Microsoft Azure AD based S2S (Service to Service) client credentials grant flow between OneApp Mobile, CTP and TSC.
  • Immensely contributed the migration of IT Telematics Registration Applications from Azure to AWS platform.
  • De-composition of multi-module maven spring boot projects to single POM service.


  • Re-architected the shipment domain model, that helped to add the new material type with zero implementation changes.
  • Implemented the shipment data indexing for faster search and filter. (Used ElasticSearch).
  • Increased the end to end, acceptance test coverage (cucumber automation tool).


  • Successfully extracted the EAcceptance domain from the monolithic system and created the first domain driven micro-service.
  • Set-up and training of creating micro-services using Java 8, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate and Code Coverage using new Spring 4.3 testing capabilities.


  • Immensely contributed in migrating BMX’s legacy VIS 3Application to state-of-the-art VIS 4 Application based on the frame works like Spring Boot, SPA (AngularJS/Bootstrap), Hibernate, Spring Security, NPM, Karma Coverage.
  • Eliminated the time out issue in high volume if card upload from VITEK2.


  • Built Development cloud environment SIB (Safe in Box) which contains the JMX collaborative nodes such as Kickstart Server, PBJ Nodes, CSD, Smart Cell.
  • Performance tuning of large FTP file transfer (> 500GB), Used NIO and Compression.
  • Setup & Training of Digital Safe Offshore Development Team.
  • Significantly contributed the Lucene Search Engine migration from 1.8 to 4.4 of Digital Safe product.


  • Architected the USSearch's Fulfillment Engine, A back end engine to process all the order’s post sale activities. It consumes orders by polling mechanism (A multi-threaded, concurrent subsystem for scheduled orders) and Asynchronous Messaging (JMS) for instant orders.
  • Design & Developed the highly scalable, multi-threaded core order processing engine which is capable of concurrent Order Fulfillment, Report Dispatch and Recurring Order Schedule runner.


JAVA 8, Python 3.6, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML5


MongoDB, CouchDB

SPA Framework

ReactJS16, Angular1. x.

Spring Framework

AWS Services

Spring Core 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0, REST API, spring-data-rest, spring-jms, JPA, JDBC, security, Scheduler, Async Cache, soring-MongoDB, RestTemplate, spring boot admin, spring config, spring batch.

EC2, Lambda, pinpoint, SES, Mobile Push, CloudWatch, Amazon MQ, FARGATE,

IAM, VPC, S3, API Gateway, Route 53, SNS, SQS, DocumentDB


Oracle 11g, MySQL, Postgres.

Version Control

CVS, Git, BitBucket, Perforce, Subversion.

Development Tools

Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Post Man, Insomnia, JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Visual Studio Code.

Testing Framework

Junit, Python mock, python codecoverage


Amazon Web Services, JavaScript, MongoDB

Joined: Jan. 9, 2020