Omar Yesid Mariño

Software Python Engineer

BOGOTA, Colombia


With over 20 years of experience in software development and a focus on Python since 2014, I am very interested now in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science, and AWS Cloud Computing.

I follow a well-defined coding style, using PyCharm as my preferred IDE. I strictly adhere to the PEP 8 style guide, leveraging tools such as Flake8, SonarLint, Pylint, and Mypy for linting, Black as auto-formatter, and Tabnine for AI-powered code completion.

Skilled in a variety of technologies, including Django, Flask, FastAPI, Python, AWS, Web Development, CloudFront, MySQL programming, Amazon EC2, Linux System Administration, Amazon S3, Google APIs, Meta APIs, PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, Scrapy and Selenium, I am well-equipped to tackle a diverse range of projects and challenges.


English, Spanish

Favorite Python Packages:

Numpy Pandas Scikit-Learn


Work Experience

BairesDev, San Francisco, California, USA - 2022
Python Developer (remote, full time)

  • Frameworks: Django, Flask, FastAPI
  • Past project: Nomad Health
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MyFanPark, Silicon Valley, California, USA - 2019 - 2021
Mobile Application Developer (remote, full time)

  • iOS & Android Mobile app development (React-Native)

Caffeine Interactive Technologies, Austin, Texas, USA - 2014 - 2019
Full-Stack and Mobile Developer (remote, on demand)

  • iOS & Android mobile apps implementation (React-Native and Ionic 1)
  • Custom web apps (Laravel or Django frameworks)
  • Backend & frontend programming.

Digital Tolk, Stockholm, Sweden - 2016
Wordpress Developer (remote)

  • Implementation of a custom Wordpress plugin to manage an online multilingual dictionary
  • Wordpress add-ons for a commercial plugin managing language courses (e-learning).

Techtivo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 2009 – 2014
Full-Stack Developer (remote, on demand)

Featured projects:

  • API implementation for ALL-ACCESS platform in College Football Hall of Fame’s website.
  • Implementation of a web social game called "Who's That Game" with CakePHP.
  • Python scraper for Facebook pages to get restaurants info automatically for marketing purposes.

Unlimited Web Designs, Miami, Florida, USA - 2005 - 2009
Web Developer and SEO manager (remote employee)

  • SEO optimization for websites.
  • Custom backend development by using PHP, Python, ASP + MySQL, PostGresSQL.
  • Custom Frontend programming (Javascript)


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Django, Docker, FastAPI, Flask, Git, Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Scrapy, Selenium, Web Development

Joined: February 2023